Artificial Intelligence

Can Artificial Intelligence Change Web Development Process

AI’s progress has made many to believe that it is making expert systems via algorithms and deep machine learning intending to make our lives comfortable in day to day activities.

The innovations and advancements in the field of technology have brought this complicated but sophisticated new so-called “sci-fi tech” into a reality.

For example, take a look around, you see chatbots, virtual assistants, online applications like

“Siri, Cortana, Amazon Echo and Google Home that are capable of performing simple tasks like accessing your banks and payments, providing weather reports, playing music, putting reminders, setting alarms, etc.”

There are many ways by which artificial intelligence solutions are helping us. The crossover of AI, automation, and machine learning in industries like blockchain, healthcare, genetics, web development, etc. is clearly visible to us. In-fact the human-machine collaboration is revolutionizing the field of web development.


Evolution Of Artificial Intelligence In Web Development

Nothing is better than the hyper-customized user experience. Web development is a highly popular field where users always look for a rich and personalized experience.

Web development companies are facing challenges in terms of user expectations and traditional methods of website designing and development. Therefore, the jump of AI in the midway was necessary.

I mean, instead of putting more stress on programmers and working days and nights to hire dedicated developers, automating the process of web development is a good option.

With the involvement of AI in web design and development process, web developers leave the cumbersome tasks on the expert automated systems and focus more on value-adding aspects to provide a rich user experience.

Incorporating artificial intelligence is the best way to transform traditional web development approaches to a revolutionary web development field.

Grid an AI-powered DIY website platform automatically decides the colour, theme, and style of your website. It is an AI-integrated website builder which arranges and design the site according to your user experience needs.

As the AI has taken its space in the digital world, there are few main AI-enabled web features which we see very commonly on good websites.

  • Virtual Assistants are simplifying web development related to layouts, templates designing, and creating personalized content.
  • Today, many web analytics tools help you with SEO strategies after interpreting data. AI also analyze, mine data, and generate ideas to eliminate the web architectures irregularities.
  • Furthermore, such tools using AI and algorithms highlights the lousy content with respect to SEO.
  • AI in web development provides a superior end-user experience where Chatbots are now taking care of the customers’ queries.
  • A chatbot simply simulates the real conversations after learning from the past to respond accordingly. It is called real-time assistance.

Many renowned names like Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking created doubts and fear in the minds of people that AI will take over the manual workforce.

Maybe they are right, perhaps it can happen in the future, but at present, AI can’t function properly without humans intervention.

However, the same can’t be said for the future of artificial intelligence in web designing and development. AI technology is safe and must be promoted to lower levels and small-medium businesses for making the jobs of web developers easy.

Future Of AI In Web Development

In 1993 when Mosaic graphical web browser revolutionized the internet industry, it was clear that the use of AI in the near future is possible. Now, we must admit it that AI is fastly changing the world of web development.

There are many things that AI can offer to different industries. And web designing and development is not untouched. AI is doing tedious tasks in web designing to make websites from scratch.

AI can assist the experts and beginners, can enable and manage humans to create own website without problems. Here, are few predictions of AI involving deeply in web development:

  • Artificial Intelligence will create designs and themes with their cognitive abilities. IoT can help in simulating to build some attractive and eye-catching graphics.
  • AI’s smart algorithm will understand the needs of users and what it should do in that context by taking help of cognitive capabilities and user preference.

“The unmatched cognitive abilities in AI and the combination of machine learning with context apprehension abilities in the next two to three years will change the web development process. Not only web but apps and web-based apps too!”

  • Many websites fail because of design inconsistencies. Machine learning will be useful in picking up the differences; also, helpful in fixing them.
  • Modern AI quickly detects the slight variations in the images. Since AI can read and differentiate every pixel in an image, it identifies every object of the picture.

Besides, AI also seems to power the next generation in website personalization such that it could change the internet’s nature forever.

AI’s support in web development will yield us websites capable of adapting and perfecting themselves with user-by-user requirements, but not continuing the one design and theme.

That is why I said, “AI tools are evolving the web development process, and once that happens entirely, the internet will be a user-centric place, too smooth like a fluid breathing life in and out every time a user visits it.”