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How to Use Zoom Like A Pro?

Zoom is a market-leading online video conferencing software that is widely used by the majority of individuals and enterprises. It provides a wide range of exclusive features, options, and value-additions due to which it is one of today’s top recommended virtual meeting software. 

Don’t worry at all if you are going to use Zoom for the first time. This post is all about getting you to familiarize with the software and be able to take full advantage of it to conduct a professional virtual meeting from the comfort of your home.

Here are a few of the top-highlighted elements that you might need to know about Zoom:

1) Touch Up Your Appearance

For most of the people who use to work professionally, it is highly important to have a neat, clean, and pleasing self-appearance. It is one of the key reasons that many people spent a lot of time on their preparation before going to the office. In many cases, it is a mandatory requirement as well. 

But don’t worry if you are using Zoom and attending a virtual meeting from your home. It has a “Touch Up My Appearance” feature that allows you to fix your look and feel in the live stream session. It adds a blur layer to the skin tone which helps a lot in eliminating any type of unwanted elements in your appearance if you have just got up from the bed.

Settings > Video > My Video > Touch up my appearance

2) Using Virtual Backgrounds

The second most important and exciting feature of Zoom is that it allows the user to use custom backgrounds. It is a very useful feature that most of its users appreciate a lot. Whether you want to reduce the background clutter or have some privacy concerns, you can use virtual backgrounds to address your unique preferences.

You can easily get the latest zoom virtual background images online and use them right away within a few clicks just like a pro. Believe it or not, but using these virtual backgrounds can enrich the overall experience of your virtual meeting to a huge extent and you will be able to present a better outlook to your audience. 

Settings > Virtual Background > Choose a virtual background

3) Mute in A Blink of An Eye

Yes, you might find a wide range of online video conferencing software out of which some are free and some are paid but not all of them have taken good care of their users’ unique and discrete requirements. Just imagine what would you do if your dog suddenly starts to bark?

By using Zoom, you can easily get rid of it without facing any type of hassle because it allows the user to simply press the spacebar to immediately mute and achieve silence.

It will help you a lot in your virtual meetings because you would never know when you might need to suddenly mute your voice. 

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4) Whiteboard and Screen Sharing

Zoom also provides its users with an exclusive feature of whiteboard and screen sharing which is far easier to use compared to many other video conferencing software available in the market. Whether you want to share the entire desktop or a few specific areas, you can do it easily with Zoom.

In addition to screen sharing, Zoom provides a built-in whiteboard which appears to be another important and easy to use the feature. It helps a lot in mapping out unique workflows, plans, schedules, processes, how-to guides, and much more. 

5) Scheduling and Organizing

Last but not least, Zoom users are also provided with a comprehensive feature for scheduling and organizing their virtual meetings.

By integrating the best technology such as Google Calendar and iCal, Zoom users can easily schedule, organize, and manage their virtual meetings like a pro.

Along with the aforementioned key features, there are several other minor features and value-additions that are not just easy to understand and use but enriches the overall user experience to a greater extent. 

Whether you have just started using Zoom or about to download it to use for the first time, you are all set to taking full advantage of its various features and options within a few moments. You can also find comprehensive details, guidelines, and tips by visiting its website.

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