7 Interesting Specializations Within the Field of Computer Science

Earning a degree in computer science is becoming a popular choice for many young adults. This is because jobs in computer science are in high demand and showing no signs of dipping in popularity.

Employers are looking for candidates with an undergraduate or master’s degree in computer science when it comes to filling positions such as engineering or data analysis.

However, this popularity in computer science means you need to try and stand out from all the other graduates with the same degree as you. 

One way to make yourself more valuable to a potential employer is to specialize within the field of computer science.

Unsure on which specialization is best for you? Read the following guide.

1. Data Science

As a data scientist, you will be expected to mine and analyze large amounts of data and offer advice and insight on what the numbers mean for a company.

For instance, if multiple users are abandoning their carts on your company website, a data scientist will discover this common occurrence and offer a solution to the problem. 

To be a successful data scientist, you will need to have strong analytical and mathematical skills, as well as be skilled in problem-solving, and have great attention-to-detail.

Statistics in computer science or a degree in computer science can help you land a career in data science

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) will offer you a greater understanding of how AI can help solve problems, complete complex tasks, and make intelligent predictions. AI can also be referred to as machine learning.

As an expert in artificial intelligence and machine learning, your roles may include developing and programming software that helps a computer mine and analyzes data automatically and without further programming. Your software will make predictions and recommendations based on its ability to analyze the data it collects.

Typical roles within this field include Artificial Intelligence Architect and Machine Learning Engineer. Annual salaries within this role average at around $121,000.

3. Software Engineering

As the name suggests, software engineers create software for various clients and industries. The job of a software engineer varies and depends on what the client is after.

Typically, software engineers will create user-focused programs for their clients and/or customers as well as database programs and web browsers. 

There is a high demand for skilled and talented software engineers. Therefore, if you have a love and fondness for understanding and using programming languages and software development, then this is a great field for you to consider. You will usually be rewarded with an influx of job opportunities, an attractive salary, and job security. 

4. Network Security

Within the field of computer and network security, your specialization will typically involve mitigating security risks and addressing any software or network vulnerabilities a company or organization may have.

Typical responsibilities include managing a company’s bandwidth, traffic, security systems, and user access. You may also be expected to manage any electronic devices that are connected to the company’s network. 

5. Game Design

Not to be confused with the role of creating the graphics you see and play with, but the computer science specialization within game design typically refers to the machine learning and AI that is used to decide how a player progresses through a game.

For instance, when a character is presented with a choice, the story can split off into two different ways, which will offer the player differing experiences as well as alternative endings.

Popular games that use machine learning and AI to keep the game moving in different directions depending on the choices the player makes include Doki Doki Literature Club, Far Cry 5, and Resident Evil. 

6. Computer Graphics

You will be tasked with the creation of two and three-dimensional images that are used across various platforms such as computer games, software, print media, and applications.

Computer graphic designers will with software when creating art or animation for a company. Their responsibilities will usually involve captivating and inspiring their target audience while sticking to the brief presented to them by an employer.

The role of a computer graphic designer is popular as it allows people to combine art and creativity with the complexity of understanding and using computers and certain software packages. 

7. Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics combines computer science and biological science and focuses on the practice of mining and accessing biological data. However, Bioinformatics and biological computation are not the same so don’t get confused.

The biological computation uses biology and bioengineering to build biological computers, whereas bioinformatics uses computation to help understand biology.

Within the field of bioinformatics, you can work in genomics, cheminformatics, drug discovery, pharmacovigilance, and clinical studies.


Computer science is becoming much more popular every year, with more students deciding the major in this field. And while there is a surge of jobs appearing in the market that are perfect for graduates with a degree or MBA in computer science, specializing within a field can be a great way to stand out amongst the crowd. 

Be sure to choose your specialization carefully, however. The last thing you want to do is spend your time and money studying an area that does not fully interest you.

After all, you should be aiming for a career that not only offers security and a lucrative salary but also keeps you interested and happy.

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