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Is DevOps the Future of CyberSecurity? An Analysis

Every company today operates online. As beneficial as the online world may be, it’s also a dangerous place, especially for those that underestimate cybercriminals.

Cybercriminals are becoming not just bolder but also more skilled in their efforts to breach the security of numerous companies and steal any sensitive data they can get their hands on. 

This is why cyber-attacks are becoming more frequent than ever. Despite the obvious danger, many companies are not adequately prepared for such attacks. The main reason is that a lot of companies believe that cybercriminals will not target them. 

However, more than 70% of cyber-attacks target small businesses and 60% of those SMBs never recover from a data breach. Fortunately, modern technology and modern approaches can be the answer to protecting companies from cyber-attacks. One such method is certainly DevOps. With that in mind, let’s see how DevOps can provide the answer everyone is looking for. 

What exactly is DevOps?

DevOps is a commonly found approach in the software development process. This approach consists of using Agile methodologies and practices to improve the collaboration and communication between the development department (Dev) and IT operations (Ops). 

DevOps In Software Development

The main benefit of using the DevOps approach is to make information available and accessible to everyone in the company. In most cases, companies tend to keep each department isolated and their data stored in a silo. 

The goal of DevOps is to break those silos and ensure that everyone can freely utilize every bit of information across departments. As you already know, the IT sector is not just about developing software but also about implementing proper cybersecurity measures. If the IT department can’t utilize the information, they can’t protect the company’s network or its products. 

How can DevOps help with cyber-attacks?

The goal of every company is to have quality products ready for launch as fast as possible. The online market is crowded and competitive, which means that companies that fall behind will most likely lose both their relevance and their competitiveness. 

Therefore, fast time to market is vital these days. By implementing the DevOps approach, companies can ensure a quick time to market without a doubt. However, DevOps is also able to help companies build products and services with cybersecurity in mind. 

Nowadays, everything is based on smart and connected devices that allow companies to utilize big data. But the main issue is that such devices don’t have proper security, to begin with. A good example is one of the largest DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks back in 2016 that was made possible thanks to unsecured IoT devices that were used as botnets.  

Building products and software solutions that have implemented security protocols and proper protection are what DevOps is more than capable of doing while still allowing companies to deliver products to the market faster. 

How to Best Utilize DevOps?

DevOps is not just a platform or an approach. It has become a culture and a practice that companies can utilize to its fullest potential. However, not every company can implement such a culture. The main reason is the lack of resources to have fully developed in-house departments on full-time salaries. 

Fortunately, companies that lack the resources for in-house solutions can always efficiently outsource DevOps services. It doesn’t matter where your DevOps comes from as long as you’re using it the right way. Here are a few ways to best utilize DevOps in your company:

  • Start small and scale accordingly
  • Create an environment to experiment and learn in
  • Focus on continuous improvements and delivery
  • Improve based on feedback and past achievements
  • Always choose compatible tools
  • Automate whenever possible
  • Use a customer- or client-centric approach 

DevOps is the Future of cybersecurity

The threat of cyber-attacks are growing and evolving alongside technology. The only way companies can protect both themselves and their consumers is by implementing an approach that will focus on cybersecurity. 

DevOps can, therefore, be the answer to cyber-attacks and the future of cybersecurity. Here are a few ways DevOps can provide the answer: 

  • Integrated security testing into the development process
  • Evaluation of threats and finding the best way to prevent cyber attacks
  • Better efficiency for security experts 
  • Creating a cost-effective way to deal with security flaws

DevOps may be an excellent approach for software development, but there’s always more than it meets the eye. Integrated security measures for new products and services are simply a must nowadays. With the DevOps approach, companies can ensure proper cybersecurity measures and also prevent future data breaches. 

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