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Know All About The Next Generation App Development Framework: Angular Js

The Next Generation App Development Framework Angular Js

In the modern spree of web development and technology lighter single paged apps have started to play a more demanding role. As entrepreneurs and company owners are getting more inclined towards such web apps angular js. proves to be the easy user friendly platform which lacks redundancy and saves time. However while thinking about hiring angular js. web application development company make sure to check the company’s expertise, experience and excellence. The leaders in developing app based on angular js. framework will provide you end to end encrypted, secured app completely focusing on the areas of your business. 

The advancement of technology

As technology is advancing day by day the prospective for apps used by business owners and developers are changing simultaneously. Gone are those times when people liked heavier multi paged web applications. Nowadays with the advancement technology the requirement for simpler single paged web apps is increasing. And when comes to web app platforms angular js is emerging as the next generation app development framework.

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What is angular js?

Angular js is an open source platform based on Model-View-Controller Architecture developed by Google. Angular js actually integrates HTML codes with the application modules forming the entire framework.

Some Features of Angular js

Angular js has become the most popular platform especially when it comes to single paged apps. There are a lot of unique features that make this platform enticing, some are listed below:

  • Simple Architecture: The overall architecture of this platform is simple which makes easy to incorporate as many client customizations as possible. Its simpler structure makes it easy to manage heavy web apps that require a number of complex incorporations.
  • Improvised design: This is especially beneficial in case of heavy applications where there are a number of complex components included. The simple design helps to locate a number of components easily.
  • Fewer codes: Angular js requires lesser codes to write and thus it has improved efficiency.
  • Reusing of codes: A big unique time saving feature of angular js is it enable developers to re run the same set of codes and thus increasing efficiency.
  • Dependency Injection: An important feature that makes angular js unique is that it works well with testing and single page application design.
  • Two-way data binding: It can automatically synchronize between model and the view components. Thus it enables the angular js web application development company to build web applications much easily.
  • Improved Server performance: As angular js supports processes like caching etc that serves only to static files and responds to API calls only hence it reduces the burden from the CPU server.
  • Parallel Development: Angular js is a platform based on MVC architecture and thus it can handle dependency coupled with MVC architecture allowing developers to develop in a parallel way. This is one of the most unique features of angular js.

All these and many more features encompass for the rising popularity of angular js.

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Choosing the right company

After having an overview of the features the next probable questions comes as which web development company to choose for. While fishing for any angular js web application development company here is a checklist that you should follow:

  • E4– For any company the four Es i.e Experience, Expertise, Efficiency and Excellence are the 4 most important pillars for choosing any company. It’s always best to opt for a company that has decade old experience. Although for next generation technology like angular js go for the company that has handpicked dexterous experts with innovative minds always ready to take up new challenges.
  • Uncompromised quality– When it comes to choose developers for your web application opting for the one that provides uncompromised quality along with integrating all your specifications is best. Go for the company who builts the app keeping focus on your business and its purposes so that it can generate maximum return on investment.
  • Offered key features– The premier web app development company will give you some key services like angular js development, real time app development, chatbot app development, test driven app development, data analysis development, backend and dashboard development, streaming app and video app development, social media and interactive app development, different learning platforms, express JS app development etc.
  • Angular JS expertise– The best company will have experience of working on full stack of JS technologies like ExpressJS, MochaJS, MeteorJS, KnockoutJS, ReactJS, EmberJS etc.

Other than these key lists it is best to opt for the ones who are willing to provide you round the clock assistance and have a large number of happy clients all across the globe.

Author’s Bio:

At the core, Moon Technolabs is driven by the vision, sharpness and flourished under the leadership quality led by none other than the founder & CEO i.e, Mr. Jayanti Katariya. His simple-approach & never-give-up attitude is the virtue or rather aptitute that the entire team tries to grasp and follow. From client relations to business development, from industry updates to floor walking, he does everything in his power to provide support to the team. He always puts the effort in enhancing and building team’s technical abilities. His other interests and hobbies include traveling, sports and technical reading.

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