The Main Areas Of Application Of IT Technologies

The IT technology market is progressing day by day. New applications, Internet services, IT solutions, games and technological innovations are released every day.

All this is designed to simplify our daily tasks, increase work efficiency and speed up processes. The pandemic has well shown the importance of the role of digital in our daily life, when the movement of countries with the largest economies was carried out through IT technologies. Which also gave a jump in the development of the entire digital industry.

The IT industry has many different areas of application – from applications for children to large government platforms. The most extensive areas of IT technologies include communication, information resources, technologies for business, games and entertainment.

1. Communications

The sphere of communications provides communication and communication between people around the world.

This industry includes many applications such as instant messengers (telegram, whatsapp, viber…), social networks (facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin, snapchat…), video meeting and lecture applications (skype, zoom, google meet…).

It also includes many less popular applications that are focused on narrower niche applications. In particular, there are many such applications for employee communication within companies.

2. Informational Resources

Information resources include programs, websites, applications and technologies that organize the collection of information, data processing and transmission of information to users of a computer and mobile devices.

Info products occupy most of the Internet space, and it is with them that the user is most active and spends most of the time on the Internet.

Behind information resources is a huge layer of IT technologies and developments. The most significant technologies used in this area include artificial intelligence, algorithms for collecting and creating information, advertising technologies, technologies for shooting and editing videos and photos, as well as others.

The most popular information resources are social networks, in which the purpose of the news feed is to grab your attention and arouse interest for a long time.

3. Technologies for Business and E-commerce

Another major segment of IT technologies is developments for business and e-commerce. Because Since this area is one of the most important in the global economy, digital development is also actively improving progress in e-commerce and similar businesses.

Automation in enterprises with the help of IT technologies also makes a big contribution to the growth of the economies of countries and also receives a lot of funding.

In general, business covers all spheres of our life, therefore, individual programs, web applications, information resources, and so on are created for each niche.

A huge number of programmers, developers and system engineers are involved in the creation of programs. The main link in this large group of specialists is the project manager, as he is also called DevOps.

Therefore, if you are planning to create a program, game or any other application, DevOps service is critically needed for you. More details can be found at the link:

4. Games and Entertainment

This segment is probably the largest among all others after information resources. Games have become a major factor in the popularization of computers and are still an integral part of many people in the world.

Similarly for games, IT technologies are a driving factor: it opens up new gameplay opportunities, immerses the player even more in virtual reality, and ignites human interest.

Games can be educational – for adults and children. They open up new knowledge for them, develop intelligence and attention.

There are also games for having a good time on your own or with friends: shooters, strategies, simulations and others.

All these games create trends in the development of hardware for computers and mobile devices, stimulate the development of technologies such as virtual reality and high-quality displays.


The most important factor for applications and for all digital technologies is multi-factor testing. Each segment of the application, each stage of its operation must be subjected to detailed verification, load testing, and especially penetration testing.

The latter method of testing protects the application and the entire company from information leaks, destruction of information and penetration of third parties to the company’s confidential data.

Such an incident can cost the company major losses and sometimes bankruptcies. In order to avoid the risks of such an outcome, there are companies that provide security against such cases through penetration testing.

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