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Most Viewed Reel On Instagram

We don’t know if Instagram took inspiration from TikTok in developing their short video-creation tool–Instagram Reels, but we have to agree–reels are a super hit among the users!

Here we have compiled a list of the top 30 most viewed reels of all time so that you can check who are the most popular celebs who have been using this relatively new feature that arrived on Instagram about two years ago.


30 Most Viewed Reel On Instagram

1. Learn from Khaby | 289 Million Views

If you’re not someone who lives under the rock, then we are 100% sure you’ve heard of Khaby on social media sites like Tik Tok and Instagram. Khaby Lame made a video with an electric iron that people found funny and relatable. Till now, it has got an astounding 289 million views, making it the most viewed reel on Instagram.

2. Blink & Express By Shivanjali Porje | 259 Million Views

Tiny Shivanjali comes with an immense talent of being able to express every kind of emotion with her face. She holds the crown of having the second-most-viewed reel on Instagram and she has proven that talent has got nothing to do with your age. Her video has garnered 259 million views and 12.2 million likes. 

3. Happiness By Cochinaquatic | 144 Million Views

When we were kids, we were always fascinated by the colourful fishes swimming calmly in the aquarium. This satisfying reel by @cochinaquatic shows a school of orange fishes coming up to grab their food pellets. It has got more than 144 million views and 9 million likes. 

4. Do Things In The Right Way By Khaby Lame | 136 Million Views

Khaby Lame is the undisputed king of Insta reels because he has appeared once again on this list of the top 30 most viewed reels of all time. After Charlie Chaplin, Khaby is the one who knows how to work his charm in silent comedy. In this reel, he uses air floaters to show people how to float on water. And guess how many likes he’s got for this one? 136 million views and 10.8 Million likes by far. 

5. Sista! It Was Mine | 131 Million Views

This reel is superbly relatable for all of us chocolate lovers! When Khaby found that half of his chocolates were missing, he was shocked and his funny expressions make people go into bouts of laughter! This reel has got 131 million views and 9.8 million likes.

6. Who said 3 blind mice can’t #glitch by Aubrey Fisher | 128 Million Views

The #glitch trend has given us so many amazing reels but none can compare to what Aubrey Fisher did with this concept. The three handsome men by the names of @_aubreyfisher, @bdash_2, and @_gordonwatkins can be seen doing the glitch challenge with awesome precision. The reel has got over 7 million likes, with 128 million views on Instagram! 

7. Lol! Open The Door This Way | 117 Million Views

You better remember the name Khaby Lame by the time you finish reading this article because we are once again back to him bagging the seventh spot on this list with another one of his videos! This time, he teaches a woman how to open the door the proper way. And how many views would you expect Khaby to get for such a simple idea? 117 Million views, 10.2 Million likes, and 86.9k comments. 

8. GTA With Dog by krishhhhnna | 113 Million Views

Every millennial on Earth has played or at least heard of Grand Theft Auto once in their lives. Right? The GTA fever hangs high on us even three decades after the release of the first GTA edition. These days everyone on Instagram is busy joining in on the GTA trend.

This Instagram reel is all about the same by Krish Gawali. He is a famous Instagram influencer with more than 2.5 million followers on ‘Gram. It has got 113 million views and 7 million likes.

9. Only Works With Toothpaste | 113 Million Views

Next on the list of the most viewed reels on Instagram is this funky reel by the Instagrammer who goes by the username of GamerUptoDate. If you find it difficult to aim at the target while using weapons in FPS Shooting Games, then this reel has a creative solution for you. Make your known custom crosshairs with just toothpaste!!

10. Batman Maintenance Team | 112 Million Views

Sure, there must have been many times when you have watched videos of two guys making some moves at various sites in every corner of the world! And that is what they are popular for. Dancing without any inhibitions. And you’re wondering what was their choice of location this time?

They turned into the Batman Cleanup Workers to follow the ongoing trend of a glitch video and nailed their performance. This reel has won 7.1 million hearts among the 112 million views.

11. Runaway Aurora With Dog | 101 Million views

If you joined Instagram in 2021, you must’ve become quite familiar with the “Runaway” trend which started when the Scandinavian singer Aurora put up her masterpiece of a song on the internet and won the hearts of millions of fans!

This reel shows the user performing the all-famous Runaway trend–with a dog! It’s funny, creative and unique and that is why it is the 11th most viewed Instagram Reel of all time with 101 million views and 9.3 million likes.

12. From Idol To Uncle It’s A Moment | 100 Million Views

You must have seen tall, huge men with what’s popularly known as a ‘barrel chest’! But what if a man is trolled silently because of his muscle power? Well, a hulk-like man trying to show his muscular powers by cracking the apple into two halves is impressive.

But, then comes Khaby Lame who roasts the buff guy by showing him that he could have simply used a knife to cut the apple into slices and that would have saved him a lot of energy too! This reel became one of the Most viewed Instagram Reels with 100 Million views and 8 Million likes.

13. Ice In The Glass | 96.7 Million Views

Next on the list of the most-watched reel on Instagram is Leonel Messi. Messi, being one of the most famous footballers of all time, is a social-media sweetheart whom fans can’t seem to get enough of.

So, undoubtedly, he had to be on this list of the most viewed Instagram reels of all time. As it happens, Messi is the brand ambassador for Pepsi. But, this time it was not Pepsi that made him be on the list but his skills did.

In one of his shoots, he showed his accuracy by hitting the ball at the perfect point. Yes, that is not a thing to be surprised when we are talking about Messi, but you will be amazed to see the reel. This reel has got more than 96.7 million views and 10 million likes by far.

14. My Baby ❤️ by happylittleyana | 83.8 Million Views

Babies have a unique beauty to them that transcends to another level. Littel Yana has got the most beautiful eyes in the world. Undoubtedly. This reel was put up on Instagram by her parents and it shows Yana with her rare grey-coloured eyes.

She looks angelic and ethereal at the same time, just as ‘Talking to the Moon’ plays in the background. She has an Insta profile dedicated to her by the name of @happylittleyana. This reel by Yana has more than 83.8 million views and over 6 million likes. Check it out for your daily dose of happiness!

15. Slow Ramp Walk | 81.9 Million Views

Ramp walks are always so graceful, Swift and they make us feel like weird, clumsy toads, right? No, that’s not true. All ramp walks are not the same. This reel shows a unique take on the conventional ‘catwalk’ as Wisdom Kaye has turned the living room into a stage complete with the limelight.

This reel by Wisdom Kaye is not just an ordinary slow-motion ramp video but an excellently edited, smooth transition video as well. This reel has got him 81.9 Million views and 5.5 Million likes.

16. 3 Years Of Stormi by kyliejenner | 80.1 Million Views

17. Never Miss A Monday | 68.3 Million Views

18. Tunak-Tunak Tun | 67.3 Million Views

19. Mummy Aa Gayi Ka! | 54.8 Million Views

20. Therefore I Am | 52.3 Million Views

21. My Kind Of Afternoon | 52.1 Million Views

22. Too Late, Bud! by mamajotes | 50.2 Million Views

23. Bole Chudiyan by OyeAnkit | 48.2 Million Views

24. Sneeze And Shock! | 41.2 Million Views

25. Pepsi – Uniting Soccer and Basketball | 37 Million Views

26. Feet At The Back by sanakhan000 | 25.3 Million Views

27. Try to Catch Me by arendelleross | 21 Million Views

28. Life is a Complicated Mess by june2022 | 19.8 Million Views

29. These are Pricey! by Emma Chamberlain | 18 Million Views

30. Don’t talk to me! by lovelinjr | 17 Million Views

Thus we come to the end of our post on the top 30 most viewed Instagram reels of all time. If you liked this article, please share it with your friends and family. Don’t forget to check out other articles on our website. Thank you for reading this and have a great day!

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