What MSPs Should Consider When Picking a Web Filtering Software

Web Filtering

As a managed service provider (MSP), it’s critical to find content filtering software that meets the clients’ needs. However, finding the best Web Filtering Software is a tricky process.

To find the best tool, you might need to meet a list of requirements, and standard software to filter the internet does not often meet the needs of today’s MSPs.

MSPs need a software that offers granular controls and strong security to tailor the software to better meet the needs of the clients. The good news is that when you follow a few tips, you can find the best plan.

Why Do MSPs Need Web Filtering Software?

Web filtering is something every MSP should offer. The primary reason is that it can stop the employees of their clients from falling for phishing scams. Web filtering blocks them from phishing sites, and because many attacks begin with harmful emails, it’s critical to have good spam filtering.

Existing spam filters can block many malicious emails, but the few that slip through can cause many problems. Training end-users has its place, but it will not stop every issue.

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The Features to Look for in Web Content Filtering softwares

The best web content filtering software should have robust security features. MSPs should have detailed control over the software so that they can adjust it to better meet the needs of each client.

The right software will seamlessly blend with the existing systems and is very easy to implement. Third party MSP security tools come with the risk of potentially cutting you off from a client if that customer decides to work directly with the third party. 

That’s why it is best to look for plain solutions, ones that allow you to apply your own branding. If possible, look into using your own infrastructure to host the software.

The needs of the clients often change, and you may find that you take on new clients while older ones leave. Because of these changes, web filtering softwares have to remain flexible. That way, you can make the needed changes quickly.

Clients always expect their problems to be resolved quickly. The right web filtering software allow MSPs to support their customers and help with technical issues.

Choosing a Software

The right software allows seamless integration at a low price. MSPs can integrate it into their client packages and encourage new businesses to choose them over others.

Looking for a product that has these features and specifications can be time-consuming. However, it’s essential to take the time to find the perfect solution.

Once MSPs found the best web filtering software, they no longer have to spend time in managing and implementing a new one. With this MSPs can continue attracting new customers to increase their customer base.

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