5 Reasons Why VPNs are a Boon for Smartphone Users

VPNs for Smartphone

Smartphones have taken over the world. Everyone you see around you has a smartphone, and it does not matter to which part of the globe they belong to.

From rich to the poor, from China to India, everyone has a smartphone. The number is 9 billion, which is more than the present population of the world.

Moreover, it has slowly developed into a necessity commodity for many. People prioritize privacy and safety for Android because a lot of critical and confidential data is exchanged over smartphones these days.

A VPN can provide the right security solutions online, protect your privacy and help you navigate through online content without exposing your critical information to cyber criminals and hackers.

If you’re still thinking that a VPN has no use for a smartphone user, here are the 5 best reasons why VPNs are a Boon for Smartphone Users: 

1. Provides faster connectivity:

While most VPNs protect your data in every way possible, some VPN services go a step above in increasing your network bandwidth, and helping you reduce latency.

You can stream high quality videos without buffering even when your VPN is connected to numerous servers at once.

If you are someone who needs to attend frequent business calls, switch to a VPN to have faster and more reliable network connectivity. 

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2. Helps you defeat censorship:

There are numerous countries in the world which have oppressive regimes and totalitarian governments. Users in China are restricted from accessing social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

A VPN can help you bypass these geo-restrictions and network limitations, by making your online identity anonymous. It helps you access global content without giving in to the censorship limitations of your country or region.

3. Helps you secure your data:

Protecting your confidential data is one of the biggest priorities whether you’re a smartphone user or not. A VPN can secure your online data from prying eyes, by connecting to the internet using private servers.

As these private servers are located in very remote locations, chances to steal or corrupt your data become negligible. A VPN helps you encrypt as well as secure your online activities and critical data.

When you’re connected to the internet using public servers and Wi-Fi, you expose your online self to the malicious attacks and threats online.

4. Protects you from ransomware attack:

With every passing day, the number of individuals as well as companies that have had their data breached are increasing. You don’t want your company information or personal confidential data to fall into the wrong hands.

A lot of online data exchange happens from smartphones and these mini-computers are not immune to these online attacks from hackers.

After these hackers breach your personal devices, they ask for a ransom in exchange for returning your smartphone or personal computer to its normal working condition.

Numerous hackers demand cryptocurrency as ransom, as these exchanges cannot be traced back to the hackers due to the anonymity cryptocurrency provides. VPN allows you to operate within a secure tunnel, which is encrypted and protected from ransomware attacks.

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5. Offers Access to Restricted Content:

If you are located in a region that has certain sites or certain content blocked on their network service providers accessibility, you can enjoy access to these content by bypassing geo-restrictions.

As you start operating on private servers that are remote, in a location of your choice, you bypass network restrictions of any sort and you can use a VPN to enjoy access to the content that is blocked in your region. To know more about the benefits of using VPN, read on

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