Top Skills You Need To Succeed As A Seller On Amazon

Selling on Amazon through their Fulfilled By Amazon platform is a wildly popular way to make money. It is a home-based business that can be scaled to make you a lot of money if you do things right.

The beauty of using the FBA program is that Amazon does most of the heavy lifting. Since there are millions of people on the site shopping every day it only takes a small percentage of them to make you a fortune. 

It does require having a certain skill set to be successful, however. Even though Amazon is doing the fulfillment and part of the marketing for you, you will need to make sure that you are doing certain things to set yourself up for success.

In this article, we will go over what it takes to make a lot of money on FBA.

1 – Be good at photography

Although you don’t need to be a professional photographer, you will need to understand how to make your product look as good as possible to get attention. This means that after you’ve taken your pictures you should go now and do some editing to get them as effective as possible.

Amazon will give you plenty of guidelines to work with so you can create the most optimized image possible for it to sell. They want you to be successful too and have figured out the best way to present your product.

With these guidelines, you can create an image that will get more clicks from the search results and end up increasing your conversions for more sales. 

Do some research into how to get good at product photography since there are some best practices to consider to be able to make a well-optimized image. 

2 – Be a marketer

Many sellers on Amazon will let Amazon do the work when it comes to getting some of those millions of shoppers onto their listings. This is going to result in you leaving lots of money on the table. This is because Amazon is going to rely on its algorithm to know exactly who needs to see your product. 

If you don’t have some marketing chops then you are not going to get as many people to see your listing and the ones that do may not be the ideal customer for it. 

The idea is to make sure that you get as much traffic to your listing as possible. The first way to do this is to bring as much traffic to your listing from outside Amazon as possible.

If you are building a following on social media, for instance, then you have your ideal marketplace fully formed and motivated to buy. Direct them to your listing and you will see your sales increase. 

Even attracting the right customers from within Amazon will happen when you have a marketer’s mindset. Think about the problem that is solved by using your product and write the description on the product page with this in mind.

All too often sellers list the specifications without using language that helps the customer understand how their problem is solved. 

3 – Understand trends

If you are good at spotting developing trends before they blow up then you will surely make a lot of money on Amazon. Getting ahead of the curve will position you well to introduce new features to your products or create entirely new ones for sale. 

If you have the photography skills and marketing skills down then you will be ready to exploit a trend before it gets saturated and make a lot of money. This involves taking deep dives into certain topics and understanding them inside and out.

It can be a topic that involves the products that you are already selling as you already have some expertise. However, you will need to devour every piece of news that comes out on a daily basis. Talk to people in that market and ask them if they are seeing any trends developing. 

The more you can have your finger on the pulse, the more likely you will see things as they are merging and be able to capitalize. Think about if you were the first one to be selling fidget spinners when the trend hit and became mainstream.

The people that had their products listed and optimized when everybody decided they had to have one were the ones that made millions. 

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