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5 Software Essentials You Can Try For Free

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Software is not cheap. With the cost of living rising, it’s no wonder that people are looking at making savings wherever they can, including when it comes to their software subscriptions. Moreover, it makes sense to try before you buy. With that in mind, here are five software essentials you can try out for free. 

1. VPN

Start a VPN free trial if you want to access geo-blocked web content and ensure that your privacy remains intact when you are online. Virtual Private Networks encrypt your data and reroute it through a remote proxy server before it is delivered to your Internet Service Provider.

This helps to obscure your IP address, hide your browsing history, and generally make it harder for hackers and corporations to harvest your information. 

2. Music Production

In the last 15 years, music has undergone a massive transformation. A digital revolution has bought production on computers to the forefront of the creative field.

Most producers use programs known as Digital Audio Workstations. These powerful programs initially replicated traditional recording studios but have become much more complex and capable in recent years.

Popular DAWs like Logic, Ableton, and Fruity Loops suit different kinds of producers. Luckily, all three offer extensive free-trial periods. Be aware that these DAWs do not let you export files during the free trial. 

3. Word Processing 

Microsoft charges a pretty penny for Office – the bundle that contains Word. Users can try the program for free but will find it limited in capability during this period. If you want a more capable word processor for free, try out OpenOffice. 

4. Image Manipulation

Image manipulation software is notoriously expensive, so it makes sense to try before you buy. Adobe photoshop – by far the most popular image manipulation software – has been made available for seven days without the need for a subscription.

This isn’t exactly a long free trial, but it can give you a taste of how you might adapt to the software when you potentially buy it. Luckily, there is an alternative. Gnu Image Manipulation Program – affectionately known as GIMP – is an open-source and totally free program that aims to replicate some of the capabilities of Photoshop. It might not be quite as capable as the Adobe program, but it is certainly very useful. 

5. Antivirus 

If you own a computer and want to connect to the internet, you are going to need to have antivirus software installed. Both Windows and Apple operating systems come prepackaged with antivirus programs, but these tend to be a little under par.

A good antivirus software package will constantly update itself. This is due to the high rate at which threats emerge. Hackers and thieves are always one step ahead of cybercrime experts – monitoring the latest developments in antivirus software to try and find workarounds. Computer viruses can take control of your hardware, monitor your keystrokes, and hold your data to ransom. 

Most antivirus software publishers will offer a free trial. If you are really stuck for cash, you can hop between antivirus free trials in order to give your computer some degree of threat coverage.

This can be a rather time-consuming endeavor – requiring you to constantly install software and delete subscriptions on a rolling basis.

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