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6 Things You Need To Know About Chatbots

Chatbots are the future of marketing, especially in the USA. Marketing has been evolving by leaps and bounds over the recent times. This makes people want to be in the chat loop with the major businesses at all times. Hence, chatbots make perfect sense in today’s technologically advanced world. 

Chatbots are dominantly used by big brands and companies to address people’s issues and problems. 

What are chatbots?

Chatbots are chatty computer programs that respond to texts or digital conversations. They effectively carry out quasi-conversations with people who might be your current and or potential customers. These computer programs have been improved over the time period with the help of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

How do chatbots work?

Chatbots are programmed to cater specific purposes and they can be programmed in several different ways as per your needs and preferences. The most basic form is the one that is based on rules.

These work similar to the automated service systems. For example if you call your mobile operator, you receive a recorded message that might read ‘press 1 for technical support’ and so on and so forth. 

Why use chatbots?

The only answer to this question is because these chatbots can reach any consumer wherever they want to be reached out to. The popularity of cryptocurrency payments was researched by Scanteam with surprising results

How do chatbots make sense in the domain of marketing?

According to a study by Scanteam, new technology has significantly changed the way we deal with customers. Chatbots were primarily designed as rules-based in order to provide top-notch customer service. 

However, as years passed, chatbots evolved and have now become the most ideal tool for marketing or distribution of social media. Furthermore, if the chatbots are designed exceptionally well then they can even have fluent conversations with the customers while representing their brand. 

How do you optimize chatbot for the purpose of marketing?

Chatbots are all about having conversations with customers. You have to understand the chatbots’ limitations before optimizing it according to your preferences. You can script possible expected conversations with your chatbots and you can also shape them to let your brand’s identity.  

This is not the only limited info about chatbots. Chatbots are very diverse and some more info about them are:

AI (Artificial Intelligence) improves chatbots’ performance

Without the presence of artificial intelligence, interaction with chatbots can prove to be a very poor experience for the customers.

Users tend to get frustrated if your chatbot is unable to answer complex questions, follow a trail of questions or give specific responses in return. Chatbots are very beneficial in marketing purposes as they provide quick and efficient service to users in time. 

Users expect chatbots to deliver quick responses

The people on the other end of the conversation except the chatbots to deliver quick and fast responses. If not, then they get frustrated very easily. Chatbots work greatly in assisting consumers while solving out their doubts and giving solutions to their problems.

However, this is only possible if the chatbot is designed efficiently. People have a very low tolerance when it comes to customer service making mistakes or wasting their time by not giving proper solutions. Artificial intelligence helps the chatbot to detect the customer’s problem and give them the required solution. 

Messaging apps surpassing social media apps 

In recent times, messaging apps seem to have overtaken social media apps. Chatbots have become a necessary means nowadays for businesses to participate more effectively on messaging apps.

It’s very hectic to be online at the same time on several apps. Hence, building a customised bot according to your needs proves beneficial. 

Chatbot use is rising 

As per records and data, it is found that the use of chatbots is growing rapidly nowadays. Many businesses have already adapted the latest technology and hence it has now become important for the remaining ones to do the same. The market is definitely going to be saturated. That is why you need to tailor your chatbot in a way that will make it stand out from every other chatbot. 

Successful chatbots are helpful 

You need to shape your chatbot in such a way that it becomes successful by providing the necessary help to the customers. Artificial intelligence plays a very pivotal role in that. It enables your chatbots to remember and retrieve specific information about the person they are conversing with. 

Furthermore, the artificial intelligence helps the chatbots to carry on meaningful conversations with the user and provide solutions to their problems. After all, your business only grows when you provide proper services to your existing and potential customers. 

Utility bots are increasing dominantly

Everyone talks a lot about chatbots but utility bots are also on a successful rise. There are different types of chatbots such as e-commerce chatbots, informational chatbots and utility chatbots. Informational bots are the ones that provide you with notifications about certain happenings of your interest. 

Whereas utility bots or customer service chatbots are the ones that help the users with completing their work like booking an Ola cab, setting up a meeting or purchasing an item online. 

One needs to understand that the main agenda of utility bots is to complete a specific task i.e., provide solutions for the user’s problems. All utility bots have to be user-friendly. If not, then the whole purpose of bots comes crashing down.

According to marketing expert Alex Lysak,  If you’re looking forward to integrate the chatbot technology in your business, then you should keep the following qualities of a good chatbot in mind:

  • You need to understand that chatbot should be highly consistent. It should be seamlessly integrated with any messaging apps such as Facebook or Whatsapp. 
  • The performance of the chatbot should be measured regularly. This analytics helps to keep track of the performance of the chatbot and suggest measures to solve any problems if they occur. 
  • The top priority of a customer is their security and privacy. Hence, make sure that you adapt all the measures required to keep the customers’ data safe and secure. 
  • Unless your chatbot has an approach similar to that of a human, it won’t get successful. 

Chatbots are the future

They have advanced with technology over the period and have now become an integral part of the daily routine of certain businesses. Furthermore, if you want to put up a strong competition then your business must have a chatbot that reflects your brand’s identity. 

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