It’s Time To Switch To Virtual Telephony: Here’s Why

Are you still running your business with the old-school telephony system? Do you still struggle to handle call traffic easily? 

Set up a virtual phone system then! Designed to meet all the fiscal and operational needs that trouble businesses in today’s ecosystem, this technology enables companies to perform par excellently. 

The market is currently huge for VoIP phone systems and experts believe that the VoIP industry will boom to over 140 Billion US Dollars by 2021. 

Surveys show that organizations who’ve made the switch to VoIP from traditional landline systems are able to save up to 75 per cent of their monthly phone bills!

VoIP phone systems work solely via the internet, hence don’t involve too much hardware or maintenance. One of their best-selling features is that they help businesses save tons of cash!

VoIP phone number is more than a trend. It is the need of the hour, and the reasons for this are:

1) Internet is leading the world 

We are living in an era that is driven by the internet. It has made its way in almost every aspect of our life. Telecommunication is also not untouched by its influence. Rather than calling a business, customers prefer filling an online inquiry form and let the business revert.

They prefer emails over phone calls as it has a high response rate. In that case, you can’t proceed and deliver what customers expected with the landline phone number.

You have to get an online phone number that can send auto SMS and emails to the customers, can build a chatbot for your website, and even track the social media inquiries across different platforms.  

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2) VoIP offers the latest tools 

Running a business is a cumbersome task in itself. There are lots of things that are happening backstage. Data-keeping, proper call management, constant internal and external communication, and better customer satisfaction are some of the key areas that demand rigorous attention. 

The virtual phone system is one tool that offers features to handle all of this in one go. You can easily conduct tracked marketing programs by using vanity numbers, you can track the call records with call analytics, and even promote remote working without any hassles. 

3) BYOD is the next big thing 

Businesses are not operating just from 9 to 5 office hours nowadays. If you want to taste success, you have to be free from 9 to 5 peripheries. VoIP enables you to do this easily. It offers BYOD or Brings Your Own Device facility. 

With the use of this facility, you can easily handle your office call traffic from your smartphones or tablets. It has promoted virtual work. Now, a business deal is closing over a phone call, you are attending a meeting on your laptop and adding SIP trunk calls on your tablet.

The best part is you are doing all of this without any added cost as your hosted VoIP service provider bears the expenses. But make sure to follow these tips before choosing the Right VoIP Service.

4) Phone as a service not phone as a device 

With a traditional landline phone system, you have a phone as a device. Here, you will have simple POTS-based Business phone number with T-1 line integration. Integration with other business applications is not possible in this case.

But with VoIP, you have a phone as a service as it comes with SaaS-based deployment. Now, your communication can be in sync with other business operations such as CRM, database management, workflow management, and sales & marketing. 

5) You are not spending more on calls

Sharing multimedia over the internet comes with a dirt-cheap price tag. You pay for the internet pack monthly and can send emails, SMS, pictures, videos, and audio without paying any extra cost.

By using the online phone number, you can even make calls over the internet. Your internet pack is way more cost-effective than your landline phone’s monthly bill.

Apart from that, setting up a call centre with VoIP doesn’t demand any upfront investment on architecture, deployment, and maintenance. In short, you are going to save money by all means. 

6) Easy disaster recovery 

If your landline phone system shuts down due to any technical issue, then you will not be able to conduct your operations easily. That is why TDM and PSTN systems are considered a failure when it comes to disaster management.

While it lacks this capability, you can’t afford to shut down your operations even for a second in today’s cut-throat scenario. Your VoIP-based business phone system comes with SIP trunking, a self-service portal, and auto-sync facilities to recover any data loss.

You can also conduct your operations from any data-driven device. That means no technical failure can hamper your operations if you have a VoIP phone system by your side. 

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7) You are not squandering away your resources 

Do you know that almost 50% of your phone conversation is silent and you are paying for it? Yes, you heard that right.

With VoIP, this issue is resolved completely as it uses modern VAD or voice activation detection technology. This technology compresses the silent data up to a maximum extent and makes most of the voice-to-voice data. 

So, don’t move forward with limited capabilities, pay more for the same work, and live in the constant fear of system failure and switch to VoIP today.