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9 Best Truecaller Alternatives – 2022

Truecaller Alternatives

Truecaller was one of the first apps that brought Caller ID services to smartphones. It is one of the most important utility software used by millions to identify any random number they are receiving calls from.

Truecaller also has various other functionalities that are very helpful for users. The only problem is that over the years this app has become more and more problematic.

For example, it uses up a lot of battery and since it runs in the background all the time, it is one of the biggest reasons for battery drainage.

Apart from Truecaller collects way too much data about the users and the security they offer isn’t really top notch. Therefore, here are the 9 best TrueCaller alternatives.

Truecaller Alternatives

1. Eyecon Caller ID

Eyecon Caller ID identifies phone numbers and then display the picture of the user. One of the most amazing features of Eyecon Caller ID is that it can be synced with social media channels like Facebook from where it sources the true photos of the contact. Then it creates a photo-based address book.

All these features give you much more information about your contacts. The only downside of Eyecon Caller ID is that it has a much smaller database when compared to other bigger caller ID tracking softwares like Truecaller.

Apart from the features mentioned above it also offers a plethora of other features like call blocking, availability checking etc.

2. Whoscall

Whoscall is an amazing alternative to TrueCaller to use on both Android and iOS devices. It is one of the most well known caller ID services available today.

It has more than 65 million downloads and it has a database of more than a billion phone numbers which speaks all about its popularity.

One of the best features of whoscall is that it has an offline database. With the help of this offline database, whoscall can identify calls even when the user is not connected to the internet.

This might come in handy when you don’t have any wifi connections nearby or have exhausted your internet.

Whoscall also comes with a lot of added functionalities like the ability to block spam calls, blocking of specific numbers, unknown numbers search to track unknown numbers, and more. All these features make this one of the best Truecaller alternatives.

3. Showcaller

Showcaller is one of the most easy to use Truecaller alternatives in the market today. One of the most attractive features of this application is that it is really small in size and takes up almost no space in your phone.

It is less than 4MB in size. Another benefit that comes with being small in size is that it is reality battery friendly and does not drain your battery in the background too much. 

This app has the capability to identify most of the unknown numbers and then show their caller ID and photos. It can also identify and block spam calls at an alarmingly good rate.

This app also has a fast T9 dialer where you can search up your contacts quickly. Apart from all of these features, Showcaller also has features like offline database, built-in call recorder and many more.

4. Hiya

Hiya is probably the only completely free of cost caller ID service application on this list that doesn’t even show any advertisement.

Formerly known as Whitepages Caller ID, Hiya is an amazing alternative to TrueCaller with one of the best user experiences.

Hiya can search up and identify random phone numbers and block them if you want to. It can also block spam calls and can also block spam SMS.

5. CallApp

CallApp is also one of the most useful alternatives to TrueCaller because it’s functionality isn’t just limited to identifying unknown calls or blocking spam calls.

CallApp can also record calls with the help of its inbuilt call recording feature. This feature can automatically record both outgoing and incoming calls and is an amazing tool to have.

CallApp also does what it is supposed to do, identifying random callers. But it’s spam blocking feature is bit weak when compared to other apps on this list.

Its battery optimization isn’t too good either. However apart from these two downsides this app definitely gets all the other aspects right and therefore you can definitely consider it as a TrueCaller alternative.

6. Mr Number

Mr Number does not just have an eccentric name but also does what it is exactly supposed to do. It is a very good caller ID tracker and it also does a very good job of identifying and blocking spam callers.

One of the standout features of Mr Number is that you have options to block calls from preset users or certain areas or countries.

Mr Number can also block international calls. You can also get almost all the usual basic features that come with an app like this.

Call blocking, searching for random numbers and much more. All in all you can definitely try this as an alternative to TrueCaller.

7. TrapCall

TrapCall is an amazing TrueCaller alternative to use on your iPhone. They do have an Android app for Android users but their ratings don’t really manage to impress.

However ratings aren’t really the best way to judge an application. So you might as well use it to judge it.

TrapCall has a plethora of features that can block random spam calls and identify unknown numbers. It also has a “No Caller ID” feature that uses a patented technology by TrapCall to identify the user behind an anonymous blocked Caller ID.

TrapCall can also block robocalls because it has a huge database of spam callers. You can also blacklist certain personal numbers if you want to.

TrapCall also has a feature like “Live Caller ID”. Other features like call recording and privacy lock for unidentified callers are also present

8. CallBlock

CallBlock is a software that can block calls if it identifies it as spam. But it is not an app like TrueCaller that can identify random numbers. But the app makes it here on this list because it has a really strong call blocking feature.

CallBlock has one of the biggest databases of telemarketers that span over 100 countries and it can block more than 86.7 percent of spam callers which is one of the best numbers out there.

Thus users can use a backup to TrueCaller if Truecaller alone can’t block all the spam calls that you’re getting.

Special Mention:

9. ViewCaller


The above mentioned are some of the best Truecaller Alternatives. If this list helps you identify random numbers and blocks any of the irritating calls you get, share this with your friends and have a nice day.

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