Use Social Media to Market Your Product
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How to Use Social Media to Market Your Product

Social media has been on a boom for the last few years. Naturally, it means profit for customers and marketers both. While the level of interaction between both parties has increased the actual impact is felt when a proper strategy is put in place.

If you are just starting off here are some ways in which you can use Social media to market your product.

1) Influencer marketing

Most customers are keen to know what unique are you offering to them. An influencer has a huge social media presence and when he vouches for your brand it means the opportunity to grow increases multi-fold.

However, it is tough to decode the best influencer to do so and influencer marketing services are the key to doing so correctly. Prchitects handles the influencer marketing for reputed brands and knows the correct strategies needed to protect your brand in the social media landscape.

2) Running contests

A contest always gets attention wherever you advertise it. When it is on social media there are chances that you would get more exposure than otherwise.

In order to derive more benefits out of this ensure that every participant gets to win something out of it. It could be anything like a discount coupon or a free service just they should feel involved with your brand.

3) Testimonials 

When buying a product, the first thing we do is look for existing user reviews. Especially when such testimonials are posted on social media the customers notices and acknowledges.

It is easy for them to discuss the same with the person who posted the review and get the satisfaction to make the purchase. However, the reviews should seem genuine as plain praising makes the customer realize that he is being taken for a ride.

4) Advertising

All social media platforms have their own advertising plans that you can select. Most of them have specific plans basis the reach and location needed.

You can even analyse the results of the campaign once the campaign is over. If the results are effective to continue with the same strategy else see what needs to be done to make it impressive.

5) Sharing visual content

The beauty of social media is that people expect visually enticing content to be there. They love watching beautiful videos and artistic images that would keep them attracted.

If you can share product demo videos or infographics detailing about its benefits you are sure to get the kind of response you are looking for. On Facebook, you have multiple ways to make your page visually enticing and you may experiment with all of them.

6) Social media groups

If you know the kind of people you are targeting the product to. You can advertise the same in various groups. For example, if your product is for women with kids you may join groups specifically targeted to Moms and advertise the same there.

You may get the kind of attention you require and they in return would share your offering elsewhere too. Overall doing that gives you a positive benefit as you have managed to tap at the right place.


The future of social media is bright as a tool to market your products and most companies have accepted the same. Social media is the new marketplace where everyday loads of opinions and products are exchanged. If you know the correct strategy you may easily achieve the breakthrough.

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