Top 10 Best Websites to Learn Photo Editing Online

Before posting a photo, make sure it looks okay. There is always room for perfection. So you will need to fix background objects, light, and colours. There are a wide variety of editing tools online. You can practice photo editing with them and grow from a beginner to a professional.

Moreover, with contemporary photo editing tools, you won’t spend a lot of time on learning. Let’s review the top 10 best websites to learn photo editing online:

Best Websites to Learn Photo Editing Online

1. Udemy

This website is a massive library of a number of courses. No matter how well you are experienced in photo editing, you will find a course for you. Besides, the price for this course is very affordable with Udemy.

For example, when there is a discount season, you may pick up a course for $10. With Udemy, you can easily retouch and edit your images.

2. PhotoFunia

This website is famous for its sophisticated photo frames. With it, you can edit photos in a variety of ways. If you want to do funny perpetrate of your photos, you will find more than 150 background stickers and effects there.

To be more precise, the app selects the face on your photo and affixes it into a scene. So you won’t need cutting, copying and pasting. 

3. Photoshop Express

If you like the pics that are generated in Photoshop and are willing to utilize it yourself, then Photoshop Express website will help you. This photo editor will make your pictures better, no doubt.

There are several tools within the website to present your creativity. With this image editor, you will be able to change, colour, and crop the images the way you like. 

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4. PIXLR O Matic

Utilizing this website, you will have to pass three steps when editing photos online. First of all, you should filter from the red area. Secondly, filter other effects in the blue area.

The last but not least step is choosing the last frame in the yellow area. You are able to go backwards and forwards at any time between this stage. With PIXLR O Matic, you will be able to upload photos through webcam directly. 

5. Photza is one of the best services when it comes to learning how to edit a photo online. There are many capabilities within it to help you create an awesome photo.

For example, you can remove objects or a person, make the body or face slimmer, take off a number of years, correct exposure and colour, and restore photos. What is more, the pricing policy is very tolerant which is great for people on a tight budget.

6. FotoFlexer

This website is considered to be very popular on the Internet. There are many tools and features available on this website. It is very convenient to use FotoFlexer because you can put the photos on the social network websites directly.

It is perfect for those people who got used to browsing from the Internet and prefer to put photos on their social media account.

7. Befunky

Befunky is a well-known and popular website for photo editing online. With it, you will learn how to edit your photos very quickly. This website features more than 20 effects when editing.

There are many photo frames that can be fitted accordingly to the size. If you have little knowledge of photo editing, this website will help you a lot. There are many useful articles to assist you when editing online.

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8. PicMonkey

This is a perfect website for you to present your creativity without any hassle. One of the advantages of PicMonkey is that it is absolutely free of charge.

Thanks to PicMonkey, you can touch-up, utilize frames, rotate, or crop the photos. You are able to add a number of photos and design them the way you want simultaneously. 

9. LinkedIn Learning

The LinkedIn website features a number of learning courses. For example, there are photo editing classes on LinkedIn. You get a month membership, giving you full access to the course.

LinkedIn Learning incorporates most of the courses mentioned above, so it is beneficial to utilize this platform for learning how to edit photos online.

10. Lightroom Killer Tips

This website is specifically created for photo editing. There are courses which are perfect for a deep understanding of the software. There are tutorials and many tools to help you edit photos. Moreover, you will find there not only articles but also video tutorials, describing editing processes in detail. 


There are many websites to help you learn how to edit photos online, showing your creativity. Some of them include articles while the other ones provide with video tutorials.

So choose the one which you treat to be the most convenient. Hope that this list of top 10 websites to learn photo editing will be useful for you. If no, you can find me and bite me!:) 

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