What Careers Can You Have With a Computer Science Degree?

Computer Science graduate

You may have been told that computer science is a useful degree to have, but being told this and seeing how it all works are two different things.

It’s true that computer science is a great discipline to study, and one of the reasons for this is that there are so many different options when it comes to finding the ideal career for you.

Also, you don’t have to know exactly what you want to do at the beginning of your degree journey; you can decide as you go along and work out what it is you enjoy doing the most. 

If you’re wondering how a computer science degree is useful to you, then take a look at our list of some of the many different careers you can enjoy with this qualification in hand. 

1) Software Developer 

Software Developer

The term software developer is one that nearly everyone will have heard, and it’s something that many people with an online master’s degree in computer science will want to take on as a career.

Software developers are the people who create software programs. These programs help people to carry out tasks on their computers or mobile devices, so they are essentially the reason that these devices exist in the first place.

A software developer will not only create the programs, but they will also test them and solve any problems that might come up. They also maintain the software to ensure that it is just as useful in the future as it is now, and if that means adding updates then that is something they can do too. 

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2) Computer Hardware Engineer 

Computer Hardware Engineer

Much like a computer software developer creates and designs software, a computer hardware engineer will create and design hardware. They will also test the different components of computers (which includes memory devices, circuit boards, and routers, for example). 

This job is one in which a combination of computer skills (which can be learned through a computer science degree) and creativity both play a role.

For those who might have thought that being creative and working with computers wouldn’t mix, this is the career (among others) that will show them it is indeed possible to do both. 

3) Database Administrator 

Database Administrator

A database administrator looks into what users’ data needs might be and then they create and develop the resources they can use to not only easily store, but also easily retrieve any of the information that needs to be kept together. 

Someone in this position should have a computer science degree. They will also need to be analytical and excellent at problem-solving.

They must listen to their client’s needs and wants, and distil that down into a database that offers them everything they are going to need. Plus, it should be easy to use so that everyone in the business can utilize it. 

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4) Computer Network Architect 

Computer Network Architect

This is a career with an unusual sounding name, but one that can actually be extremely rewarding. Plus, it’s something that many people are going to need in their businesses, even if they aren’t aware of it just yet. 

A computer network architect uses their extensive knowledge to design and implement networks and other data communication systems. This includes all kinds of networks such as:

  • Intranets 
  • Extranets 
  • Local area networks
  • Wide area networks 

These networks need to be maintained as well, and again the computer network architect can take on this role and ensure that the networks stay doing the job that they are meant to do.

Most businesses need a network for sharing data, and as more and more people start to work remotely, this need is greater than ever.

Creating a network setup is easy for someone with the relevant knowledge, but incredibly hard for someone who doesn’t know what to do, which is why so many computer network architects are needed all around the world. 

5) Web Developer 

Web Developer

Web developers are the people who are responsible for creating the technical ‘behind the scenes’ structure of a website. They don’t design the website (although some developers can be designers too, they don’t have to be) but they ensure that it all works in the way that it should, including having quick loading pages and menus and links that go to the right places. 

Web developers have a good knowledge of what makes a website easy to use and what makes it more difficult. This includes understanding the optimum number of pages, for example, and how to optimize page views. 

Not only do web developers need to have great computer science skills, but they also need to be able to listen to others, and communicate well.

Often, they will be working in conjunction with the website owner and the web designer, so they must be able to join forces and create a good end result. 

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6) Information Security Analyst 

Information Security Analyst

Just because work is done on a computer and is virtual, it doesn’t mean that it is safe. There are many hackers and cybercriminals who would relish the chance to get into business networks and attempt to steal information from the business and its clients. This includes sensitive information such as bank details and contact details. 

An information security analyst is someone who prevents these attacks from happening. They create specialist systems to do this. They also research the different trends in cybercrime to ensure that they are up to date and don’t let any potential threat slip by. 

To be an information security analyst you must have excellent problem-solving skills and an investigative, curious mind. You also need to be happy to continually be learning as new methods of hacking evolve.

If a breach does occur, the information security analyst will need to find the cause and repair the system to make it stronger. This all takes a lot of skill and determination, as well as computer science knowledge.

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