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What Does Yellow, Red, Green, Pink Heart On Snapchat Mean?

Yellow, Red, Green, Pink Heart

Snapchat is one of the most loved social media application. There are multiple features available on Snapchat like filters, emojis and so on.

These filters and emojis are certainly different from the ones we use on other apps like Instagram or WhatsApp. You can send your pictures, chat and even play games on Snapchat with your friends.

Now, the emojis on Snapchat function in different ways, basically it tracks how you and your friends interact with each other.

Based on how long you are friends, how regularly you send snaps to each other and other Snapchat users, the emojis appear next to the user on Snapchats “Friends” tab.

Here in this article we will explain the meaning of Yellow, Red, Green, Pink Heart on Snapchat so keep reading.

What Does Yellow heart on Snapchat Mean?

If your friends send you too many snaps and you also send them snaps regularly, then you are best friends on Snapchat. Best friends on Snapchat means that yellow heart emoji will appear next to your friend’s name.

Snapchat tracks the number of times you send snaps to each other and based on that the yellow heart appears. Even if you are not best friends in real life but chat with each other frequently and send snaps to each other this yellow heart emoji will show up.

What Does Red Heart on Snapchat Mean?

So here is more fun, if you are best friends for two weeks straight then the yellow heart emoji will turn to red. That is your friendship is progressing since you continuously chat and send snaps to your best friend.

But keep in mind that you have to interact with your best friend continuously for two weeks to get red heart emoji. If you become best friends with someone else in between by sending snaps and chatting then the other friend will get the yellow heart and the progress with your current best friend will automatically stop.

What Does Green Heart on Snapchat Mean?

What we imagine first when we see green is nature! Yes, it means the same on Snapchat as well. If you and your friend are nature lovers and admire everything green such as vegetables, nature etc, then the emoji will turn green.

Also, you need to share a close bond and share snaps to get this green heart emoji next to your friend’s name.

What Does Pink Heart on Snapchat Mean?

Having a pink heart next to your best friend’s name is a great achievement as this emoji appears only if you both are best friends on Snapchat for two months.

Eventually, when you keep sending snaps and chatting regularly for two months with your best friend on Snapchat the red heart turns to two little pink hearts.

What Does Baby Head on Snapchat Mean?

Baby head appears next to a friend’s name on Snapchat when you are new friends on Snapchat or have just started your friendship, but if you keep chatting and sending snaps then it will automatically change to the other emoji.


Unlike other apps, Snapchat has its unique way of representing emojis which is appealing and interesting to the users. The attractive emojis besides the name of your friends grab attention and automatically drive you to use Snapchat more often.

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