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The Sleep Company is an Indian mattress and sleep solutions company, known for its innovative products designed to improve sleep. Founded in 2019 by Priyanka Salot and Harshil Salot, the company has garnered attention for its unique SmartGRID technology, which offers better comfort and support compared to traditional memory foam or spring mattresses.

The Sleep Company has a variety of mattresses in its product line that are available on the market, all being powered with the SmartGRID technology and caters to the sleeping preference and needs of the customer.

SmartGRID Technology provides you with ideal support and comfort in relation to body shape and weight and helps reduce pressure points and an increase in aeration, which provides a cool and sound sleep. 

The sleep company also has many other sleep related products like pillows, recliner beds, chairs, cushions, etc. The Sleep Company primarily operates online on a direct-to-consumer model, which directly benefits the company financially in terms of competitive pricing. 

The Sleep Company is in the business of innovation, going DTC, material upgradation, and customer-friendly business conduct with eyes always set on holistic sleep health. 

Environmental-friendly material has for sure today become the order of the day for most consumers; The Sleep Company has gone the same line and taken to the use of eco-friendly material for all its products.

The 100-night trial, free returnee, and warranty service that The Sleep Company offers definitely oozes a lot of confidence in the product and assures customer delight.

All these features in combination make The Sleep Company mattresses truly stand out in the cluttered marketplace for mattresses, paving the way for more innovative ways of getting quality sleep.

Why Choose The Sleep Company ex Mattress

Good sleep is very important for good health, however, the question is where you are sleeping: on which mattress? Purchasing a high-quality mattress from The Sleep Company can improve the sleep quality.

Here we will discuss what exactly can The sleep company mattresses offer you and the benefits for health in general.

1. SmartGRID Technology

The Sleep Company mattresses have innovative features built into them, called SmartGRID technology. Their customizable comfort technology provides you the best comfort level and support according to your body shape and weight. SmartGRID helps in getting targeted support and proper spinal alignment, reducing pressure points. 

2. Comfort and support

The Sleep Company mattresses provide the perfect balance of comfort and support. SmartGRID technology ensures the mattress conforms to your body, hence providing custom support that is comfortable and constantly supportive, thereby reducing the incidence of tossing and turning to give you an early sleep and increase your sleep time.

3. Temperature Regulation

One of the different features of the Sleep Company beds is the fact that they are temperature regulators. The SmartGRID structure promotes airflow and heat transfer, thus keeping the mattress cool.

In fact, the company states this to be an advantage for users to sleep hot, helping moderate a comfortable sleeping temperature throughout the night.

4. Motion Isolation

For a mattress to accommodate two of you, the motion isolation would be quite a good and very important thing to look for.

In fact, the mattresses from The Sleep Company are truly brilliant in this regard, as their SmartGRID technology can help reduce your partner’s nightly tosses and turns. This means less possibility of a person on one side of the bed being disturbed by movements on the other side, hopefully resulting in an undisturbed sound sleep.

5. Durability and Long Life

In essence, spending on a good mattress is an investment in the long run. Mattresses from The Sleep Company are extremely durable.

The materials that they use and the SmartGRID retains its shape and support over time, and it guarantees your mattress to feel as good on the 100th night as on the first. Its durability will save much cash in the long run. You won’t need to change this mattress now and then.

6. Hypoallergenic Materials

The Sleep Company mattresses are hypoallergenic and are resistant to dust mites, mold, allergens and help to overcome allergies and improve the overall quality of sleep.. Many allergic and respiratory condition friendly people prefer Hypoallergenic mattresses. 

7. Variety of Options

The range of mattresses offered consists of different mattresses to suit the different preferences and needs of a customer. If you like it firmer, you have an option. If you prefer soft, again you have one and this variety provides you with the perfect mattress which suits your needs.

8. Customer-Friendly Policies

The Sleep Company gives primary importance to customer satisfaction. Customers can use the mattress for 100 days, and can return the product with a full refund.

9. Positive effects on mental health

Stress, anxiety, and depression comes with a poor sleeping pattern and a good mattress can only improve the quality of the sleep, and mental health. Sleeping on The Sleep Company mattresses can help you with cognitive function, and emotional resilience.

10. Improved Physical Health

Good sleep is very important for physical health. Important functions related to immune function, metabolism, and muscle repair occur during sleep.

With high-quality The Sleep Company mattresses, deep restorative sleep is possible and allows you to enjoy improved overall health, better energy with reduced chronic conditions.


Purchasing The Sleep Company products is an investment in health, comfort, and well-being and we recommend you to try The sleep company mattress for good sleep. Durability, hypoallergenic materials, and customer-centric policies are further added values to the investment in choosing The Sleep Company.

By giving proper precedence to your sleeping needs with good products, you can have many advantages that promote good physical and mental health, thus improving the quality of life.

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