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Adobe Premiere Pro CC – Best Video Editor For Creative Cloud Users

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is excellent video editing software for professionals and amateurs. This is a great choice for those who have a basic knowledge of filmmaking and want to develop video content on a professional level. Today, most hollywood movies are edited using Adobe Premiere Pro software.

It’s like there’s nothing in the world of video editing that you can’t do using Premiere Pro. This software is the best video editor for creative cloud users.

Adobe Premiere Pro offers a variety of tools that allow its users to hone their creativity and do more than just basic video editing. They can adjust the audio, adjust the colors and do more to create professional-looking results.

It also integrates Adobe products that allow its users to transfer their work from one software to another so that they can edit and use their videos whenever needed. This simply means that they can work smoothly and create an attractive and creative product.

Key Features of Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe Premiere Pro offers all the standard features of the industry, it supports alpha channels, you can customize your keyboard settings, one of the features of this product that makes it stand out from the rest is that it easily integrates with Adobe Creative Suite. 

Here we will discuss some key features of Premiere Pro CC

1. Adaptive Design

Users need an interface that allows them to work smoothly with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. For this reason, Adobe Premiere Pro is continually updated to make its interface more responsive. For example, developers have improved the integrity of keyframes in animated graphics.

2. Green Screen Effects

You can change the background of any video using the green screen effect. This feature is not available in most local video editing software.

3. Auto Reframe

With so much emphasis on social video these days, it’s often necessary to use aspect ratios in addition to standard widescreens, including vertical shapes via smartphone screens.

Adobe AutoFrame can automatically change the crop selection for these formats depending on the theme.

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4. HDR For Broadcast

With this feature, you can edit the color quality of the video. And the color quality is so natural that it looks like you’re looking at the scene in front of you.

5. Learning Tools

A learning tool option now appears at the top of the screen, and the Welcome page offers you eight interactive tutorials that can handle the important tasks you need to make a movie – importing, creating clips, titles adding, coloring, editing audio, and so on. 

6. ProRes Raw Support

Premiere Pro now supports Apple’s video formats on AMD, Intel, and Nvidia graphics hardware. It also supports color management for ARRI ProRes, embedded LUTs, and ProRes Raw to LOG color space change.

Advantages of Adobe Premiere Pro CC

1. Immersive VR Support

Due to the popularity of virtual reality, video editors are looking for additional tools to make movies that immerse viewers in all aspects of their lives. This is mainly because Adobe Premiere Pro has new and improved options to support the complex features of VR editing.

Work with VR content was enhanced in the 2020 version. Additionally, the developers added help for local markers to find a specific point in the space that needed to be changed or modified. This is a great feature that can be useful in a regular video.

2. Integrated Work Process

The software works in conjunction with other Adobe products to help users streamline their workflow, allowing them to handle their projects with less hassle.

Above all, team members are given an easy way to connect without leaving the app through Microsoft Team Integration. This means users can share their tips about projects and managers can monitor the work of everyone involved.

3. Creative Cloud Subscription Service

This program is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. It does not suggest the ability to purchase software for each version. This fact can be annoying to users who are not worried about regular updates and prefer to buy software and access it for life.

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4. Support Multiple File Formats

Adobe Premiere Pro has now been improved to support native video formats, so users don’t have to go through the conversion process. This means they can add videos directly from their device to the app without any changes.

5. Simultaneous Video Editing

This video editing Premiere Pro software allows users to open several projects at once. This means they can convert scenes and move clips from one project to another. The best option like this saves more time by adding the necessary scenes to the video you are working on all the time.


Adobe Premiere Pro features a dominant set of nonlinear video editing tools that can help you turn your raw footage into professional-looking productions.

If you already subscribe to the Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps plan, this should be your professional video editing app as it will seamlessly integrate into your creative workflow.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC offers improved multi-cam editing, so, you can quickly customize Multicam editing with a streamlined car flow, allowing you to simultaneously capture footage using audio via formats.

One-shot or whole pieces can be synchronized, you can mix. Frame rate and codex in the same order.

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