Apps That Communicate Best with Users

Apps That Communicate Best

When it comes to communicating effectively between companies and users, you’ll find that financial and social media businesses do it best. But why is this? What makes them more effective than all the other companies out there? Is it chat apps?

As a consumer, we can tell you that there are a few factors that profoundly influence if a company’s communication is excellent or not. After all, communication is one of the biggest influences on if a consumer will continue to use your service or not. So, what kind of apps have the best type of communication?

What Makes Good Communication? Chat apps.

With the world we live in today, it’s not hard to be irritated by the constant flashes of updates on your phone. When there’s a barrage of notifications, it can be quite tiresome and lead to consumer dissatisfaction with an app. The option to turn off notifications can help relieve some of the stress, but may ultimately render the service useless. 

If the whole point of the app is to stay connected, what’s the point in turning all notifications off? Brands looking to build a better relationship with their clients work to reduce irrelevant notifications. This includes addressing the same updates sent to notifications, texts, emails, and calls. 

Believe it or not, the best applications that communicate effectively with their audience includes financial and social media applications (or chat apps). This includes companies such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Capital One. As for social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Financial Apps

Believe it or not, financial apps are one of the highly ranked communicators. Many of their consumers are happy with the methods they use to keep them updated daily. If you have Wells Fargo, you have the option to get text updates or notifications right from the app. You’ll also be able to adjust the settings, customizing the way you receive information. 

They also do an excellent job of spreading out their notifications, allowing you to be updated throughout the day rather than all at once. Although, you will get notifications if anything urgent happens.

Social Media Apps

Social Media Apps

On the other hand, social media apps (or chat apps) ensure that you don’t get spammed but also stay in the loop. Many of their features include the ability to filter through what type of notifications you get, which makes it highly individualized. Plus, you’ll be able to get notifications for a wide range of issues, including updates, messages, and login attempts.

Recent Statistics

According to a study from Leanplum, many users tend to delete applications that spam notification. Mobile apps or any chat apps whatsoever are designed to be a tool in our everyday lives, not a controlling mechanism. Having to pick up your phone to silence a notification consistently leads to poor relationships with customers even if designed to keep them updated.

After sending out nearly 1,000 surveys, Leanplum noted that around 66% of consumers preferred applications throughout the day rather than at specific times. This allowed them gaps within their workday to check notifications, rather than stop what they were doing.

Are There Any Better Chat Apps?

Besides just consumer notifications, staying connected with your team can also be beneficial to the company. Team chat apps can be more useful than private DM’s or group messaging. Many of these applications are encrypted and allow enhanced collaboration between users.

Plus a majority include useful tools such as document sharing and upgradable space. On top of that, voice chat, screen share, and tools to increase employee engagement are made accessible. If you’re looking to improve your business, consider the following benefits of a chat app.

  • Improved communication
  • Enhanced employee engagement
  • Project management
  • Strengthens team bonds

If you have no idea where to start via chat apps, we have a few recommendations for you. Here are a few of the best messaging app for 2019.

  • Troop Messenger – allows professional chatting that includes a single platform for multiple users via iOS and Android messages app. The functions aren’t complicated, ensuring that anyone can use Troop Messenger at ease. Plus, there are different levels of subscriptions, allowing each company to choose what packages they need.
  • HipChat – it’s another excellent team collaboration app that enables team members to share files. You’ll be able to use it via the web, mobile, or PC. Ideally, this app is designed to allow users to coordinate and can be used outside the workplace. Plus, it enables chat rooms for iPads as well.
  • Google+ Hangouts – Google is a reliable source for group chatting. It’s valid for multiple friends, coworkers, and team members to communicate with a wide range of tools, including live video chat app for Android.


Brands need to start being aware of what their consumer’s preferences are via communication and provide free chat apps. By doing so, many brands can effectively market themselves and get more of an audience to use their applications. Sending out surveys can help get the consumers preferred methods of communication and allow you to use various apps.

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