Top 10 Best DDoS Attack Tools for 2022

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DDoS Attack Tools

Now days Distributed Denial of Service Attack is used to crash the website. DDoS attacks accomplish effectiveness by using multiple compromised computers systems as sources of attack traffic on the website.

Distributed Denial of Service Attack is an attack on the server or website to worse the performance purposely.

To implement such malpractices, hackers use Multiple computers. These multiple computers are attacked by the attack server or website with the DoS attack.

As this Dos attack is performed through a circulated network, that it is called as Distributed Denial of Service attack.

Servers and Computers are infected with malware that is turning by each one into a bot (or zombie). The hackers then have to remote control over the group of bots also called as botnet.

Protecting your data from DDoS Attacks is very important. So we have prepared a comprehensive list of the top 10 best DDoS Attack Tools for 2022.

Best DDoS Attack Tools – 2021

1) HULK:

The Hulk is created for research and development purposes. HULK stands for “HTTP Unbearable Load King”. This is one of the best DoS attack tool for the websites. 

HULK is the DOS attacking tool that creates a unique request for every request to obfuscated traffic of a website.

This DDoS tool uses many other techniques to avoid attack discovery via known patterns. This is having a list of the known user to use by chance with all requests.

The developer tested it on an IIS 7 web server with 4GB RAM. This tool can make server down in one minute.

2) PyLoris:

PyLoris tool is developed for the testing purpose for servers. This tool uses SSL connections and SOCKS proxies to make a DDoS attack on the server. 

This offers an easy to use GUI. DDOS attack can be created from HTTP, IMAP, FTP, SMTP, and Telnet. It can directly attack service. It can attack various protocols. This tool dependency and installation can be difficult. 

3) Slowloris:

Slowloris tool is used to build a DDoS attack. Slowloris attack tries to keep the maximum relationship engaged with those which are opened; this is achieved by sending a partial request.

Slowloris help to attack at a slow rate, traffic can be simply detected and it can be blocked.


DAVOSET is another nice tool for performing a DDOS attack. The latest version of the tool has been added to support cookies along with many other features. From Packet storm security, you can download DAVOSET for free.

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DDOSIM stands for DDoS Simulator Tool. This tool is used for simulating the real DDoS attack. This tool can be written in C++ and runs on Linux systems. This can be an attack on the website, Application as well as on the network server.

DDOSIM is one of the most admired DDOS attack tools. It is used to perform DDOS attacks by simulating several in zombie hosts. All zombie hosts create full TCP connections to achieve the target server.

These are the main features of DDOSIM

  • TCP connection flood on a random port
  • Random IP addresses
  • Similar to a DC++ attack
  • Application-layer DDOS attacks
  • HTTP DDoS with valid requests
  • Simulates several zombies in attack
  • TCP-connection-based attacks

6) RUDY:

RUDY is having an interactive console menu. Through the POST method, this tool attacks with long-form filed submission. RUDY stands for R U Dead Yet. For the POST based DDoS attack, you can select the forms from the URL. 

This tool works at a very slow speed; hence this method is time-consuming. This can get a block, because of the slow rate.

7) Xoic:

Xoic is a DDoS attacking tool. With the help of this tool, this attack can be mostly complete on small websites.

XOIC is the nice DOS attacking tool that is performing a DOS attack is any server with an IP address, a user-selected protocol, and a user-selected port.

Developers are the XOIC maintain that XOIC is additional powerful than with the LOIC in many ways. Like LOIC, that comes with an easy-to-use GUI, so a beginner can easily use this tool.

The tool comes with three attacking modes:

  1. This is known as a very basic test mode. 
  2. Another one normal DOS attack mode. 
  3. The last one is a DOS attack mode that comes with an HTTP /TCP/ICMP/ UDP Message.

Xoic is an effective tool and that can be used for small websites. Never try it against your website. 


This is another useful tool to perform DOS attacks activity. You also can use this tool to check whether your web servers can protect the DOS attack or not.

Not only for protection, but it can also be used to perform DOS attacks against online websites.

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9) Tor’s Hammer:

This tool is created for testing purposes. This tool is used for slow post-attack written in Python. This is a successful tool that can kill IIS or Apache servers in a few seconds.

Conclusion: Running the tool from side to side the Tor network will have an added benefit as it skipped your identity.

10) LOIC:

The LOIC is one of the most useful DOS attacking tools that are freely available on the Internet. LOIC stands for “Low Orbit Ion Cannon”. This is a popular and free tool that is available for the DDoS attack.

This tool was needful by the popular hacker’s group against many big companies. Unspecified has not been used the tool, but also requested Internet users to join their DDOS attack via IRC.

On the small servers, this can be just used by a single user that performs a DOS attack. This tool is easy to use, still for beginners.

This tool performs a DOS attack by sending TCP, UDP or HTTP needs to the victim server. You only require to know the URL or IP address of the server and the instrument will do the rest.

Conclusion :

DDoS attacks are mostly used to crash servers, destroyed websites and disrupt service.

Sony is the biggest example of this method, as it was faced with this attack for a long time and lost millions of dollars.

It was a big lesson for other companies as well, who rely on work with the server-based income.

While developing websites or servers should set up a way to detect and block DDoS attacks. On the internet, there are many other tools available, who can help you to makes it easier to perform DOS attacks against a server or website.

From these available tools, few tools support a zombie network for DDoS attacks. LOIC is the one of from this, that is most used and most popular DOS attacking tool. 

So, every company has to take care of such malpractices and need to set up a good level of protection against DDoS attacks. So, Which DDos Attack tools you are using. Let us know in the comment section.