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Best Typing Test Websites to Check Typing Speed

Typing Test Websites

Typing is an essential skill in today’s world as today most of our work is done online. It doesn’t matter if you use the internet for work, school, or anywhere, typing is essential.

There are many websites that can help you test your typing speed and to improve your typing speed. Higher words-per-minute typing speeds are important for anyone who uses computers a lot.

This will help increase productivity and save time. Here in this article, we have listed the best typing test websites to test your typing speed & improve your typing speed. Have a look!

11 Best Typing Test Websites

1. 10FastFingers

10FastFingers website supports over 50 languages and is an excellent typing test analyzing website. It is also one of the most popular typing test websites, which is why it tops the list.

On the site it is also possible to take a multiplayer typing test, and you can even compete with a real person to test your typing speed. You can choose from various modes, like multiplayer mode, custom text mode, and advanced mode. This website is easy to use and offers speed typing.

2. is another excellent platform to test your WPM typing skills. You can take a 1, 3, or 5-minute test. You can also choose how long you want your test to be – anywhere from 1 to 3 pages.

After selecting the typing mode, you will be taken to the typing screen. It is simple to read and easy for beginners. Your typos will be highlighted in red while you type so that you can correct them later.

Although it is not required. To make the beautiful old-school sound effects of the typewriter, turn off the computer’s sound when you take the test.

3. NitroType

Third on our list, NitroType is an excellent website to check typing speed. NitroType is a new typing speed test website that uses cool animations, graphics, and sound effects.

And as NitroType has a lot of graphic content, it will make your experience more enjoyable.

After completing a short paragraph, you will be able to compete with other players in the car racing model. You will find sound controls on the left-hand side of your screen.

4. Online Speed Typing

Speed Typing Online is a simple, affordable way to learn the basics of typing without paying. You can start by taking a quick typing test. This will give you a breakdown of your typing speed, raw words per hour, adjusted words per hour and accuracy.

There are many typing lessons and drills available on the site. The majority of the site’s offerings are easy drills. Only two “games” are available: an alphabet speed test and a word-typing challenge.

This site may not be the best choice for students who are looking for entertainment. However, if you’re looking for a simple way to learn typing basics and a self-paced method, it’s a good option.

5. Typing Instructor Web

Typing Instructor Web offers over 11 typing plans that are specifically tailored for kids Typing Instructor Web offers a wide range of tutorials and games that will keep children engaged. The site will also teach correct posture, hand position, as well as typing drills.

The site is centred around Typer Island and incorporates games with standard-issue typing drills with real-time feedback. This site is great for kids because of its playful approach.

Regular courses offer a mix of drills and lessons, with review tests to ensure that there is always something new. Students will never feel bored with the many fun and creative games available. They can practice while they play. 

6. MonkeyType

Next on our list is It is another great option for typing speed testing. MokeyType supports over 40 languages and provides a free typing speed test website that can be used to determine your accuracy and WPM.

You can customize every aspect of your typing test according to your preferences. The user experience is also pretty impressive. To better evaluate your typing speed, click on the cog icon. You can toggle zen or custom mode from the top left corner too.

7. Key Hero

Key Hero is 7th on our list and it is an online tool that will help you to test your typing speed. It uses the read and copy typing method. It is easy to use and offers practice in many languages.

Once you have complete the read and copy test, you will see your typing speed and your accuracy rating. Refresh the page to start a new test. You’ll be able to see the pages with the highest scores by other users if you click the name of the test.

8. Ratatype

Ratatype understands that learning is more enjoyable with friends. That’s why it allows you to compare your scores with a leaderboard, or to create a group that will test your skills against family members, colleagues, or classmates.

Ratatype also provides an instant speed assessment and a longer typing test to improve students skills. It then offers tips and lessons for improving your typing speed.

Ratatype’s group option sets it apart from other programs. Teachers might use the group option to let their whole class run lessons and compare their results.

Businesses can challenge their employees to improve their typing. Individuals can make typing fun while learning a valuable skill with this website.

9. TypingTest

TypingTest’s lessons are easy, making them ideal for students who can and want to learn at their own pace. There are three types of tests you can choose from text, sentences, and words.

Once you receive your results, including accuracy, words per hour, and adjusted words per hour, you can explore the rest on this site.

The site offers a series of simple lessons that allow students to practice certain keys, learn special characters, and increase their speed. There are over 100 arcade-style typing games that complement basic typing courses.

There are many ways to improve your typing skills, including a variety of games that can be used by both adults and children.

10. Typrx

Typrx is for the people who like interactive tests or just enjoy some competition. Typrx turns typing speed testing into an exciting race. You can race random users or invite someone you know to join your race.

You can even take it solo. During the race, you can view your current WPM and that of your rivals. Your test comes with beautiful graphics and race-like sound effects.

Typrx has one drawback. You must correct any typos before you can move on. You will see your final WPM, accuracy rating, and the time it took to complete the race.

11. TypeRacer

Last on the list is “TypeRacer” which is different from the others. This website allows you to compete against your friends in a car racing model. Your car’s speed is determined by your typing speed and accuracy.

Five players can race together and the winner is the one who reaches the finish line first. You can also use the normal keyboard typing mode if you don’t want to take part in this typing test.

To enter normal mode, you can also use the “Practise Yourself” mode. You can also play with your friends on the website by inviting them and playing together.

TypeRacer Universe allows you to select speed tests based on different themes such as anime, dictionary words, jokes, and so forth.


The above mentioned are some of the best and most popular typing test websites to check typing speed in 2022. All the sites hold unique features but you have to choose the one that suits your needs the best!

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