Benefits of Using Animated Explainer Videos in Promoting Business

When it comes to delivering messages accurately, pictures and videos play a significant role in doing so, as they say; a picture is worth a thousand words.

Videos have played a significant role in advertising for brands, companies, and products. If worked upon properly a 30-second video introduction to a product can work as a killer marketing tactic.

Particularly, incorporating animated explainer videos to the already devised marketing techniques can elevate the desired outcome of the entire marketing campaign.

Creating animated explainer videos can be a hassle, it can be time-consuming, and the video creator must consider multiple factors before creating the video.

For someone who has never worked on video animation before creating a video that has a maximum reach will be difficult; therefore, it is suggested that they connect with a Video Animation Company for getting the best-desired results or use Doodly to draw all kinds of REALLY cool whiteboard animations to entertain, engage, and affect their viewers in a positive way.

Using animated explainer videos for publicizing and promoting your business can offer countless benefits, some of the obvious ones are listed out for your understanding.  

Benefits of Animated Explainer Videos

1) Gives life to your ideas:

Animated videos are like carousels, which take the viewers on a creative ride that displays and explains to your clients what you have been trying to disclose about your brand and product, making an impact that can surely help you in closing the deal with your customers.

2) Connect Emotionally

Nothing pulls people in more than a story would. It intrigues the interest of your clients and plants a seed of curiosity in their minds.

An animated video can tell a story, and that story can be anything that you want to share with your consumers. The story that makes a home in the hearts of your customers can help you in achieving customer loyalty and trust. It can help you in building a long-term producer-to-consumer relationship.

3) Brand development and promotion

It gives you the chance to explore, learn, and develop. Allows you to adjust color schemes, brand logos, and images into videos that you make.

You can incorporate, edit, and remove characters from your videos without disturbing the foundation of your content. This gives you the chance to develop unique themes and brand icons throughout the journey of creating animated videos.

4) Target your desired demographics:

Animated video explainers allow you to create content for a specific audience. It permits you to have that control over the creative flow of information that ensures complete deliverance.

The best part is that you can do all that without having to worry about lengthy production schedules or shoots. Furthermore, customizing animated videos can be easier than having to work with an entire film crew.

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5) Flexible Content:

Animated video explainers allow you to manage and customize the complexity of your content. The content that you produce can be as straightforward or as complex as you want it to be. As mentioned before, animated video content is customizable.

Animated video production is affordable, innovative technology has made it inexpensive and widely available; it saves businesses from investing a lot in video production and development.

6) Animated videos are the SEO Boosters

If you are searching for a means to make your brand climb the ladder in search engines, then video content is the one that uplifts your website’s search results. This happens mostly because the search engine highly favors sites having video content.  

Adding an animated explainer video as an introductory video to your website can set you apart from others, having more video-based content will bring more traffic to your site.

7) It makes comprehending easier for your clients

Animated video explainers are of many types; the whiteboard explainer videos along with 2D animation videos are the best when it comes to explaining to your clients and keeping them hooked.

You can use these videos to explain to your clients the details of your products, you can break down the working process to its most straightforward, and it will not take too long for you to get your point across.

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8) Gives the power to market any product

It does not matter what you are trying to sell. Whether you want to market a skincare product, a book about quantum physics, a toy, or candy, an Animated video allows you to market effectively, and it does not matter how severe or light-hearted your product may be.

Concluding Thoughts

Video animation is an engaging and entertaining way for you to convey a branded message. It breaks downs complex messages and content in more straightforward and understandable words for people.

There are many platforms for businesses to create branded video content; platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Vimeo are widely used for catering animated video content for brands.