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10 Best Free Help Desk Software for Customer Service

Free Help Desk Software

If your objective is to amplify your customer service levels. You should definitely think seriously about incorporating a powerful but free helpdesk software.

Not sure which service provider to go with? Here are the top 10 free help desk software that you can choose from.

Top 10 Free Help Desk Software

1) ProProfs Help Desk:

When looking to satisfy the requirements and expectations of an ever-growing customer service industry. You need a robust customer service tickets software.

Incorporate the ProProfs help desk system with your customer service operations for seamless collaboration and quick resolution of issues.  

Features of ProProfs:

  • ProProfs is a cloud-based software that gives access to shared inboxes, knowledge base and live chat.
  • With ProProfs Agents can focus on priority tasks, can be more performance-oriented and manage their time efficiently.
  • ProProfs help desk generates smart reports through real-time survey and monitoring help desk ratings.
  • It allows service agents to track, monitor, and handle customer queries and requests effectively, especially those cases where finding a resolution takes longer.

For those looking to test drive this software, they can start with the ‘Forever Free’ plan at zero cost. If you are happy with the outcomes, you can progress to the ‘Team’ plan which starts at $39 per month.

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2) Kayako:

Kayako is another free Customer Service help desk software to enhance customer service levels. The system nurtures a personal conversation with the customer by concentrating on ease of use.

Features of Kayako

  • The Multibrand feature enables the creation of several help centres with individualized content, live chat support, canned responses for common questions and support for SLA’s.
  •  Kayako has a smart business feature that supports the automation of workflows.
  •  Agents and the business can monitor levels of customer satisfaction through custom reports. 

With the integration of Kayako with your business systems, you can guarantee exceptional customer service in multiple languages.

Pricing is based on a three-tier model, all of which can be tested on a free trial basis. 

3) HubSpot’s Service Hub:

HubSpot’s Service Hub is your one-stop-shop for free customer support ticket system that helps manage your helpdesk. It supports the majority of functions that your customer service team needs.

Its quality of life features scores high with businesses that have incorporated the HubSpot Service Hub.

Features of HubSpot’s Service Hub:

  • Close more tickets in a shorter time with HubSpot Service Hub’s ticket management tools.
  • It also includes a knowledge base, live chat, and a centralized messaging system.
  • Integrate the ticketing system with your CRM and content management platforms.
  • With HubSpot, you can efficiently manage and expand the bandwidth of your customer service department minus hiring additional staff

With its full suite of features, it can offer your customers a seamless CX that focuses on conversation and contextual engagements with human touchpoints.

HubSpot Service Hub offers a free plan with basic features. Premium plans start at $ 35 per month for one paid user.

4) Zendesk:

An omnichannel, Zendesk is a great free helpdesk ticketing software. The software is built with self-service channels, call centre software, live chat and messaging services, and more. With flexible products, Zendesk can be scaled to meet the needs of any business.

Features of Zendesk:

  • Tracking, prioritizing, and solving customer support tickets are brought under one easy to use, unified system
  • Shared inboxes help agents view customer trajectory at a single overview
  • The Sales Automation Software connects seamlessly with support with sales and allows convenient access to the pipeline

With Zendesk, you can integrate multiple first and third-party applications that help you build the best customer experiences.

A freemium version is available for both the ‘Support’ and ‘The Suite’ plans. You can upgrade to either of the premium packages at $ 5 and $ 89, respectively.

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5) Zoho Desk:

Zoho Desk is a free ticketing system that offers the first context-aware help desk software. It is a multi-channel communication platform with key functionalities like email, social media, live chat, telephone, and web form.

Features of Zoho Desk:

  • It helps in automating repetitive jobs, recognizing team trends and patterns and collaborating across departments via multiple channels.
  • Flexible set-up processes, smart dashboards, user-friendly interfaces, and ease of navigation helps it to score well.
  • The software promotes self-help where customers are encouraged to find answers to their queries

With in-house applications and online apps, Zendesk is one of the most useful customer support helpdesk software.

You can go with a 15-day trial of the system for free. You will need to choose a paid plan, post the free trial period.

6) FreshService:

Modernize your customer service systems by integrating Freshservice free help desk ticket systems. In fact, you can even operate it without having any formal training at all.

Features of FreshService helpdesk system:

  • With its multi-channel support system, it helps in automating recurring tasks and offers support for customers.
  • Minimizes tickets for common issues and scenarios by developing an in-depth knowledge base where article links can be suggested to end-users.
  • The agents can turn their engagements into fun-filled and interesting experiences through gamification of your service desk

Take advantage of the 21-day free trial to ensure if FreshService is a good fit for your organization.

7) SysAid:

Deployable on both on-premise or through the cloud, SysAid is a top customer support software that comes loaded with a bag full of powerful features that can help businesses of all sizes. 

Features of SysAid:

  • Your IT processes and activities can be simplified through automation with the logging in of tickets and via smooth and seamless issue management.
  • Encourage end users to be more active in finding their answers through self-service or by using the knowledge base.
  • With native remote-control capabilities, agents can securely resolve customer queries from just about anywhere in the globe.

To integrate SysAid, get a customized quotation from them based on the requirements that you share with their sales team. However, you have the option to try a 30 free trial before you make your purchase.

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8) osTicket:

osTicket is one of the most popular customer service software for free in the market today. This robust ticket management software tool highlights a strong ticket assignment and resolution system that is easily scalable and streamlines your customer service processes.

Features of osTicket:

  • Conveniently distribute all your incoming cases to the appropriate teams and departments for a clutter-free environment.
  • By using ticket filters, you can expedite the process of easily creating and routing of tickets through automation.
  • Determine your own rule criteria to automatically assign tasks to a specific ticket issue like help topics for clients to choose from when creating the ticket.

With the ‘Agent Collision Avoidance’ feature, you can restrict multiple agents from responding to the same ticket.

The Cloud-Hosted package is available on a 30-day free trial, post which becomes chargeable at the cost of $ 9 per agent, per month.

9) Request Tracker:

Request Tracker free ticketing system is one of the first entrants in the help desk software market. Its primary functions included synchronizing tasks and handling requests within a dedicated community of users.

Features of Request Tracker:

  • Request Tracker allows reps to create and update tickets through custom workflows that highlight ticket status, actions, and transitions to mirror your process.
  • Your agents can efficiently manage emails and use them to trigger responses to tickets via email.
  • Custom field architecture feature allows you to monitor all types of data assets that need to be on the record.

You can try the platform by logging into their demo site. Alternatively, download the source code and install it for testing.

10) Agiloft:

Looking to adapt your free customer service help desk software to suit your service style? Well, look no further than Agiloft that can help you manage your IT service with flexibility and agility.

Features of Agiloft:

  • With access to a configurable ticket assignment protocol, agents can set up escalation rules that alert them about blockages and send notifications at the time to issue escalations proactively.
  • By automating processes such as backend operations and emails, reps can offer consistent levels of customer service in a more controlled and organized manner.
  • The live chat offers real-time opportunities for interaction between agents and customers whereas an in-depth knowledge base provides a self-service portal that is accessible round the clock.

You can register to try the Free Edition of the software that gives you access to limited features. Premium plans start from $ 45 per month for a single license.

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