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Best Time-Saving Tools for Web Developers and Designers

Do you know that every successful designer has a toolbox full of their favorite development tools and software? Yes, irrespective of expertise and experience, every designer creates a useful toolbox for effective task management.

It enables you to use the skills in the best possible manner, instead of worrying about minute details. Besides saving time and effort, it lets your mind think about the core duties.  

For instance, a designer with a toolbox doesn’t need to worry about pixels and codes. There is enough time to put creativity in typography, user experience, design psychology, etc.

So, if you want to save time, create something big, and maximize productivity, create a toolbox of your own. Have a look at the below time-saving tools:

Time-Saving Tools for Web Developers and Designers

1. CSS3 Generator

For those who directly design through codes, CSS3 Generator is the right choice. It automatically generates code and saves a big amount of your time. You just need to add and adjust the property that you wish to add to your design.

Then, just copy and paste the code when you are ready. Apart from the gradient, it supports all other properties. Under the CSS3 Generator, you will find 10 sub generators among which the widely used ones include flexbox property, CSS columns, and box shadows.

Colorzilla is one of the best tool to generate CSS Gradients. Here, you will find the ready-made gradients. Additionally, there is a choice to change colors. So, you can adjust the color format as per your code.

Colorzilla is super easy to use and even beginners can use it with ease. Everything runs from a single page. When you visit the page, you simply need to select the type of generator. Experts often consider this one platform for all types of codes.

2. Fillerama

At times, web developers get website designing project without content. Business owners want to see the look of the website before getting its content written.

In this scenario, we need some content to fill the space. Most designers call this text “lorem ipsum” This text does not mean anything and is only meant to fill the space. It is Latin language but some words are not even considered proper Latin.

To get the visual and typographical look of the website, it is the best approach. Instead of wasting time, you can directly copy and paste this text from Fillerama. This platform provides you text from various TV shows like Star Wars, Dexter, Futurama, etc.

3. ColourLovers

ColourLovers platform helps to save and create colors, patterns, and pallets. In the end, you can easily download your pallets and use them with ease.

So, there is no hassle of memorizing colors anymore. This platform offers 2 million pallets to choose from. Additionally, there will be ratings and reviews from other users. Different web designers collaborate through this tool and share their views about colors and patterns.

Being present on this tool also keeps you updated about the latest designing trends. It’s also free to use.  

4. ViewLike.Us

For quick testing of your site, ViewLike.Us is the best tool. It lets you know the functional value of your design, which is essential for every designer.

Apart from it, it tells you about the mobile-friendliness of your site and you get to know how the site will look in resolutions like Wii and iPhone.

5. SpritePad

Adjusting images as per the given size and portion looks like a big hassle. Do not worry, SpritePad can resolve this issue in minutes. It creates sprites for developers so developers do not need to align, crop, and space out images before creating a sprite.

Additionally, it also provides a CSS code for a perfect transition. You can combine different sprites and design them all together instead of designing them separately and spending a lot of time.

Besides this, you can easily undo/redo at multiple levels. In this way, you feel the freedom of completing multiple tasks without any fear of errors. Furthermore, you will also find some rotational tools and formats for importing/exporting data.

6. jsFiddle

Many times we do not remember the exact Javascript syntax for testing HTML snippets. This is not an issue anymore because jsFiddle can resolve the issue. This tool helps you easily test, save, and share the bits of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Developers can instantly test their codes and share without any delay. It also saves a lot of time. However, when the tool is working at a good pace, you will find it as an ideal tool for your three core web development elements.

Wrapping It Up

Be it a web developer or a designer, coding, testing, format checking, color selection, and many other things require a lot of time. However, life becomes easier when we have these time-saving tools to do the job.

Tools like CSS3 Generator, ColourLovers, Fillerame, jsFiddle, Spritepad, and ViewLike.Us are a big time-saver. You can also find tons of other tools depending on your requirement.

If you are a newbie and looking for some easy-to-use development tools, opt for the above list to enjoy your work.

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