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How Brands Can Increase their Instagram Followers

Instagram Followers

Instagram is an amazing platform to help your business grow. It’s an online marketing tool which only uses images and captions. Using the platform correctly could increase your business to no end. 

In this article we will discuss how brands can increase their instagram followers.

1. Photography, the Forefront of Instagram

First and foremost you must make sure the images you are using are top quality, for business use it is best to use professional photographs if this is within your budget.

If you are selling products the images you use are like window shopping for your customer base. It is also good to show a little behind the scenes of the company, like how products are made or services are carried out to make it a bit more personal. 

2. Giveaways and Exclusive Benefits

Instagram giveaways are a good way to help increase those followers. Make sure to ask followers to tag others as an entry and make them like and follow your profile.

Obviously the greater the prize the more interest it will receive. You could also offer exclusive benefits or special discounts to your Instagram followers, letting your customers know this through email or your website and this will increase that following. 

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3. Likes, Hashtags, Comments and Follows

If you are just starting out you could follow relevant profiles in the hope they would follow back. The better your profile looks, the more chance of someone following.

To help find those accounts you could search different hash tags which would show relevant images i.e. if your business sells furniture you could search the hashtags #renovations and #homedecor and hopefully find your future customers. 

Commenting and liking images is tedious but is a good way to interact with and gain a new following.

There are also many websites dedicated to helping increase your following, the best one I’ve found is Social Meep it helps you get real instagram followers using organic instagram growth and AI powered automation tools. Check out their website for real user reviews. 

4. A Killer Bio

The bio you use on instagram for your business can play a huge role in establishing your brand presence.

For you to attract the audience you desire you need to let them know who your brand is and what you are all about.

The use of story highlight icons can also help your profile stand out, having a professional logo made for your business will make your brand seem more professional. 

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5. Microinfluencers 

A micro influencer is someone on social media with a following between 1,000 and 100,000 users.

There will usually more specific in their niche, this means they usually have smaller, more targeted audiences.

They also engage more with their followers and are a lot more cost effective than larger, big name influencers.

So if you have the budget, it is well worth using one to help advertise your brand. Some of the smaller influencers are happy just to get a free item.

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