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Top Paying AWS Certifications

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Starting as a book-selling and distributing website, Amazon has grown into this colossus of a company with sales literally all around the globe, and the company …

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Virtual Reality or Artificial Intelligence

Betty LodgesWritten by:

Virtual reality is a syntax environment that is created in the software and users are presented in such a manner that suspend user’s suspension and accept …


Successful Ways to Track Your Employees Hours

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Running a company is never easy. You have so many things on your mind, from ideas that should be implemented in the future to managing your …


Software Testing at the Speed of DevOps

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The age of digital transformation calls for organizations to focus on transforming their IT structure to improve their software development process. This transformation is important to …


Best SEO strategy to move ahead of your competitor in 2019

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Are you looking for an SEO strategy that will boost your website traffic 2019? You’ve arrived at the right place.  Yes, this strategy is not at …

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Augmented Reality in Gaming Industry- Trends and Future

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Technology has never kept us humans deprived of what we call amusement. We are here to talk about is the most astounding revolution of it. Augmented …


Unified Communications Market Trends in 2019

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Unified Communication allows modern businesses to combine the most common and innovative communication solutions they need into a single, organized setting. However, in today’s digital era, …


Next Generation Technology Vesda Early Smoke Detection System

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VESDA which stands for Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus has been listed as the best for a considerable length of time now. They stand on top …


The Security Risks of Conversational AI

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Artificial intelligence (AI) technology continues to evolve, for better or worse  AI can benefit people who rely on the automation of routine and cumbersome tasks. However, …


Top 6 Ways To Improve Your E-Store Customer Experience

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In the current era, every business owner knows that providing an enjoyable shopping experience means you can get to turn a much larger number of visitors …