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Recent innovations in technology paved the way to a faster, much easier and convenient solution – chatbots. They are designed to perform a conversation with customers but is not limited by technology because it has a built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in its software. That’s when comes in handy.

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Just like any other technologies that we have these days, there are several characteristics of chatbots that need to be considered. is an amazing chatbot platform that helps businesses boost their marketing potential. These are the exciting features and characteristics that you can look up to with Features

1. Uses Natural Language

A customer wouldn’t want to talk to a robot. Therefore, one of the most important characteristics of a chatbot is its capability to sound like a real human. uses natural language even emojis and GIFs. That’s definitely cool and exciting. Even though your users know that they are communicating with a bot, they ought not to feel as though they are interacting with a bot.

For instance, they have a problem. can recognize it instantly and say “I’m sorry!” This is the approach humans usually make upon hearing a problem.

2. Emotionally Intelligent

If you think that chatbots only answer questions, you are definitely wrong. Chatbots need to be emotionally intelligent and is capable of it.

When a chatbot is emotionally intelligent, they will be able to sense the mood of the user and give responses according to it.

For instance, understands when to escalate conversations into a live support agent who will be the one to cater to the specific needs of the client.

3. Smart and Analytical

A great chatbot does not rely on the customer to push through with the conversation, they are cable of driving it as they are smart and analytical. knows the needs of the customer based on the conversation they have and be able to give smart suggestions. Additionally, they are capable of responding to multiple languages.

4. is User-Focused

The main task of chatbots is to respond to users whenever they have questions or problems at hand. is user-focused, making sure that users are given utmost consideration. It is capable of predicting the next question even before the user starts to ask and give answers effectively. Answers must also be easy to tap on for the convenience of users.

5. Has Broadcasting Skills

You must understand that a chatbot works more than just answering a client’s question. It must also have broadcasting skills. has the ability to chat blast. It allows you to broadcast a specific message to as many people at once. This will generally maximize your exposure as well as your ability to interact with your customers.

With, you can either send scheduled messages or real-time. For instance, there is critical news that needs to be distributed to your contacts, allows you to chat blast so you can reach out to as many people as possible. is very useful in countless aspects of customer experience which includes presenting product recommendations, customer service, and engaging customers through the use of targeted chatbot marketing campaigns. It is also very easy to use and customers are starting to embrace this latest innovation.

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