Do VPNs Work In Countries That Fall Under The 5/9/14-Eyes Alliance?

5/9/14-Eyes Alliance

Everybody wishes to browse unlimited without getting restricted to access any site. unfortunately, there are restrictions imposed and in other cases, many active users of the internet prefer not to disclose their identities as well.

Considering the needs, VPN service providers come up with a feature-rich plan to facilitate users. They not only let you browse unlimited but give you complete anonymity to stay online without anyone getting to know your details.

Apart from this, VPN service providers offer incredibly secured servers that protect your device from malware and data breaches. Privacy remains intact and users stay contended by not letting their information get out to third parties.

Using VPN services is truly a blessing in countries having 5/9/14-eyes alliance. Have you ever heard about the 5-Eye, 9-Eye, and 14-Eye countries? If not, read on the blog and learn about the greatest alliance.

To carry out digital surveillance, some countries have formed a secret alliance. That alliance let them share the bulk of data with the members. The different alliances are termed Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and Fourteen Eyes.

The ECHELON System & The Origin of 5, 9, and 14 Eye Alliance

During the cold way, a system was formed to carry out surveillance of the general public which steered a range of outrage among the public. Therefore, that system shifted to the internet as its use was increasing rapidly.

So, in the year the 1940s the first Five Eye alliance was formed between the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand (UKUSA).

These countries keep a check on every user’s activities and share the data with each other to use it for various purposes. This strikes a blow on the privacy of every individual’s data recording the credentials and activities.

Apart from the Five Eye alliance there comes the 9 Eye alliance which includes the original Five Eye countries along with other states like Netherlands, France, Denmark, and Norway.

However, when it comes to cooperation, a weak understanding lies between the rest of the four countries with the original Five Eye names.

Furthermore, in the Fourteen Eye countries, the names other than those included in the Nine Eye alliance are Belgium, Italy, Germany, Spain, and Sweden.

The level of understanding gets weaker in the Fourteen Eye alliance, however; these countries share sensitive data with every member. They do not put themselves in much trouble and only extract the important aspects of the data.

How VPN can be a Savior

If you are living in countries having alliances, you need to get the best VPN support to intact your privacy. The government agencies of the countries having alliance taps into the private communications of the public.

They can overhear your dealings and keep a check on your every activity. Therefore, the safest and a secure solution is to get VPN support and make your browser and internet guarded with firewalls.

A VPN can hide your online activities and protect your data from getting breached or hacked. It hides the IP address that gives you the anonymity to stay present on the internet without anyone getting to know you.

However, when looking for the right VPN service provider you need to make sure that the platform you are choosing is not based in any of the countries listed in the 5, 9, and 14 alliances. In this way, no government agency can detect who you are and from which region you are browsing.

In addition, when choosing the right VPN service provider always check if the platform is providing you with the following features or not:

Ad Blocker- To disallow the popping up of unwanted ads and advertisements

Anti-Malware- to ensure an integrated fire way to keep the hackers and threats at bay

Anonymity- to help users stay unknown when online

Simultaneous Connections- to allows access to connect with multiple devices

DNS Leak Protection– to ensure high-security browsing

Smart Tunneling- to enable route selection

Internet Kill Switch- to prevent your identity from getting leaked and to terminate the internet connection when the VPN is lost

AES 256-Bit Encryption- to protect your data having military-grade 256-Bit AES encryption

Now here comes the list of some of the leading VPN service providers that can help you enjoy your browsing without the government fishing your data.


A leading name in the industry of VPN service providers offers highly encrypted services at the most affordable pricing. Renowned for years as the best one, Nord VPN has a complete package of features that let you stay active on the internet without any fear of getting breached.


Coming up second is Surfshark that is known for its flexible packages and unique privacy-based features.

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