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How to Fund New Mobile App Development

Fund New Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are all the rage nowadays, with millions of people using them worldwide. The beauty of apps is that they can be customized and personalized to offer just about anything that you want. In many cases, you can even make a small fortune of high-quality app development.

However, like all other types of projects and businesses, it can be challenging to make things a reality without enough money. Developing an app costs money, and there are a few different ways for you to accomplish this on your own.


Crowdfunding is an excellent choice for individuals who have an idea for an app and want to get others involved in funding. The way that crowdfunding works are by asking the general public for donations that will be put towards the project.

People who are interested in the app, believe in your ideas, or who would like to be the first ones to download. It is important that all money obtained through these donations be put towards the project goal. You can share your crowdfunding page either on social media, a website, or simply through word-of-mouth.

Refinancing and Consolidation

In some cases, the debt you’re currently experiencing makes it difficult to have money for anything else. One such type of debt involves student loans since these can become quite a burden over time. If you’re tired of paying a small fortune on these loans each month, it’s time to look into refinancing.

Refinancing old student loans can provide you with a more affordable interest rate and an extended term which helps to lower the monthly payments for you so that they aren’t such a problem, not to mention save a significant amount of money.

Consolidating debt means putting all of your bills, like loans and credit cards, onto one account to make things less confusing and expensive.


Investors are continually looking for potential businesses to put their money into. The way that an investor works is by offering money to an entrepreneur, like someone who is going to be developing an app. In exchange, they receive a small percentage of what you earn over the life of the company.

The way to get investors interested is to present them with clear goals for your new app. Explain why people would be interested in downloading it for themselves. From there, it is up to them when it comes to investing.


Bootstrapping is a common practice for entrepreneurs, especially if you have a decent amount of your own money to put towards the new business idea. Bootstrapping essentially means that you’ll be using your savings to fund your idea.

You won’t rely on loans, credit cards, investors, or crowdfunding programs to get the money that’s needed. This can be a difficult option if you don’t have enough money saved up or if your company fails over a short period, leaving you with nothing left in your bank account.

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