Fleet Management Trends to Lookout in 2020

Fleet Management Trends

The advancements in technology are good for every industry and fleet management in particular. It is easy to predict the future of this industry based on the trends.

Clearly, some of the trends that seem impossible today will soon be a distinct possibility in the not so far away future.

The fleet industry is also quite dynamic and technological developments help to accelerate development. The changes make it possible for more fleets to join the industry but they may also cause some of the current processes to become obsolete.

It will soon be possible for fleet owners to manage their fleets themselves as they will be able to have access to data as well as telematics.

Fleet Management Trends 2020

Current trends are an indication that the management of fleets in the future is going to be on another level. Self-serve tools are the way to go for fleet managers and owners. Here are a few trends that are expected to take over fleet management in the future:

Autonomous Vehicles

Self-driving vehicles may have been considered a pipe dream not so long ago, but they may become a reality sooner than you think.

The vehicle may have a driver, but he or she will be in the passenger seat concentrating on other aspects of work such as checking on the job orders or updating the relevant information.

With access to a telematics program, the manager will be able to stay in touch with the vehicle and watch out for obstructions and other road-related issues. This is done in real-time and the manager is able to alert the vehicle to take alternative routes or make a detour.

Currently, the vehicles in use are semi-autonomous where the driver has control of the car or truck. However, the vehicle will have some automated functions such as being able to brake if it gets too close to an object in the road.

When the features added in semi-autonomous vehicles are perfected, then the next step is to have fully autonomous ones which will allow you to control from your office.

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Augmented Reality

This is about having the driver’s view of the real world amplified via computer-assisted input such as video.

This allows the driver to access constructive information such as signalling when they come across obstacles on the road. This will improve safety for all road users including pedestrians.

Other possible features include screen-like windscreen that displays the following

  • Flash traffic alerts
  • Obstacle
  • Speedometer

Colour coding (to alert the driver about the zone they are in so they can slow down when necessary)

A telematics program may be needed with this trend as well as it could use GPS to project arrows on the windscreen indicating turning points.


The future fleets will have autonomous vehicles that work with telematics to connect vehicles to each other. This way, your vehicles will be able to communicate with each other as they update the fleet on location as well as changes made on the road.

The cars may also be able to contact repair services when they need to set up appointments. They will also get themselves to the closest gas stations if they are running low.

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