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How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Can Help Improve Your Customer Service

CRM systems are a great aid for businesses to streamline their processes and allow their teams to maintain smooth, effective processes throughout all operations. Since its launch on the market, Microsoft Dynamics 365 has been establishing itself as one of the most effective CRM systems for businesses.

The tools available to Dynamics 365 users are many and varied, ranging from sales and marketing apps to field service and project operation apps.

One of the most valuable apps available to users is the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service app, perfect to tackle customer service issues in a methodical, efficient manner. 

The main elements of Dynamics for Customer Service

The aim of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is to accelerate digital transformation and increase productivity. The Customer Service app is perfectly integrated with the rest of the CRM to offer your teams seamless operations.

In particular, the customer service tool can have the following perks: empower agents, offer an agile service, and provide service insights.

Empower Agents

Tracking and logging phone calls, emails and activities is made easy by the Microsoft Dynamics Customer Service app, as users can access their timelines at any time for an update on how the case is progressing. The Dynamics app for customer service allows users to:

  • Access and resolve issues with all relevant information accessible in a single interface hub
  • Use specialist case management tools to make every interaction matter, resulting in increased first call resolution rates
  • Set up bespoke case stages tailored to each individual business and its needs.

Agile Service Delivery

The Dynamics Customer Service app allows users to have quick access to client issues and adhere to service level agreements. Users can in fact:

  • Create cases directly from Outlook emails, delivering service issues to the correct people.
  • Maintain close control over the priority of a case.
  • Associate customers to “entitlements”, defining the level of support they are entitled to, usually based on the products or services they have purchased and whether these include a support subscription package or a warranty.

Service Insights

Insights can improve customer service and internal efficiency. The Dynamics 365 Customer Service app gathers AI-driven insights from cases to allow users to make more informed decisions. Through the Customer Service app users can:

  • Improve customer satisfaction by better handling support cases and complaints.
  • Monitor performance either on an isolated case or over a period of time.
  • Review data and turn it into action. Users can review and monitor cases, customer satisfaction, resolutions and KPIs.

Businesses and organisations who are looking for a system to streamline their internal customer service processes and boost customer satisfaction should consider CRM systems like Microsoft Dynamics 365. A user-friendly interface and a broad variety of add-on apps are just two of the perks offered by this CRM system.

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