How to Become a More Efficient Urgent Care Practice

Urgent Care Practice

An urgent care practice provides immediate medical care to patients that need it. It’s not for major emergencies; it’s for medical needs that can’t wait days but don’t require the emergency department. That makes efficiency essential.

If you run an urgent care practice, it’s up to you to ensure every patient gets seen quickly and with the utmost care by medical professionals. On top of that, you must ensure the practice is financially viable. Interested in learning how to do that? Read on.

1. Use an RCM

An urgent care RCM (revenue cycle management) manages billing operations. It’s not only about collecting revenue. It also identifies and manages the payment, taking that part of the business entirely out of your hands.

From patient registration to insurance follow-ups, this software system handles it all. That works well for efficiency, as it frees up your time to focus on other essential tasks, such as seeing patients and documenting notes. Plus, it mitigates the chances of human error.

2. Don’t Lose Speed During the Slow Hours

Do you find that your practice tends to slow down when there aren’t many patients in? It’s a standard way to operate, but it’s not productive. That doesn’t mean rushing around. Instead, it means keeping a fast face even when it’s quiet.

By doing so, you avoid getting swamped once several patients walk in at once! Plus, it’s good for all employees to stay alert and prepared no matter the time of day.

3. Master the EMR Systems

Having electronic medical records is a no-brainer; it keeps all patient records in one place and eliminates the need for paper use. Using one is enough to boost efficiency, but that isn’t enough if you want the best for your urgent care practice.

You need to ask yourself, are you getting everything out of your EMR systems? The chances are the answer is “no.” Many of these cloud-based software systems have handy shortcuts that could save you hours in the day.

For example, you might discover that you can use auto code! If you need help learning what your EMR system is capable of, seek the assistance of the IT department.

4. Train, Train, Train

Training staff takes time – time that could be used on the patients. However, while training might initially make the practice feel more unproductive, it will pay for it in the long run.

Having well-trained staff is essential for any medical practice, but it is especially beneficial when running a fast-paced, urgent care practice. You need utter professionalism! To make the most of every healthcare professional on the team, look into training programs and offer them to everyone who needs/wants it.

5. Bring the Team Together

Everyone works better when they are in sync. That is why it is crucial to bring the team together so that everyone works in unison.

While everyone will have different tasks, with one person checking patients in and another administering medication, there is still the aligned goal of caring for patients.

To bring the team together, try hosting more collaborative, interactive meetings. Also, team bonding exercises are always helpful to encourage better communication while at work.

6. List Tasks in Order or Prioritization

Many urgent care departments have the issue of a very long task list – one that seems impossible to get through. The trick is to list those tasks in order of prioritization. Put the most important jobs at the top, then carry on listing them until you get to the tasks that aren’t quite as urgent.

Then, when the practice is quiet, you can focus on the tasks that would otherwise get pushed to the side. It’s a great way of staying efficient.

An urgent care practice does not have to be chaotic. While you will always deal with upset, ill, and injured patients, that doesn’t mean your healthcare team must be pessimistic!

By using some of this advice, such as prioritizing tasks, using the best technology, and training staff, you will notice a sharp rise in productivity levels. As a result, the urgent care practice will become more profitable and gain a stellar reputation.

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