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How To Identify Website Color

Identify Website Color

There are currently 1.7 billion websites on the internet and the number is only increasing with time. If you too are willing to start your own website then you need to have some unique content on your website to build your own brand.

Not just content but the overall look and feel of your website also play an important role in its success. While developing your website you need to choose the best color scheme for it so that it stands out among others.

You can also take inspiration from other websites and use their color scheme with little variation on your website. Now you must be wondering how you can identify colors of a website? Well, you can take the help of this guide for the same.

Identify Website Color

For this task, you can use some free online tools that are easy to use and help you pick the color from a website. We here going to discuss two such online tools with you.

1. Picking Up Color using ImageLR

The ImageLR is a free online color picking tool that can help you pick or identify color from an image. You can follow the steps shown here to identify the color on a website using this tool.

1. Since this tool can pick the color from any image, you have to take a screenshot of the website from which you want to pick colors.

2. Now, once you have the screenshot of the website, you can then visit the ImageLR site and upload the screenshot and click on the Next button.


3. With this, the screenshot of the website will be uploaded to the ImageLR tool. Now you can simply hover your mouse over the image and pick a color by clicking on it.

Now as you click on any color, it will be shown in a thumbnail on the right side of the screenshot with its equivalent HEX and RGB codes.

By knowing the HEX and RGB code of a color you can easily use the code for your website to get the exact same color.

2. Using Browser Extension To identify Colors

Just like using an online color picker tool, you can use a browser extension to identify colors on a website. First, you need to install a color picker extension on your browser. ColorZilla is available on all browsers like Chrome, Opera, and Firefox.

Once the extension is installed on your browser, you can then visit any website and identify the color on it using the extension. Using a color picker extension is an easier way to identify a color on a website. However, you can use any of the two methods shown above to do the same.


There are over 10 million colors in the world and we only can identify a few of them. However, now with the tools, we have discussed above in this article you can easily identify any color from a website. You can share this article with your friends and family and help them identify desired colors as well.

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