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5 Reasons to Integrate Videos In Your App

Apps have become a powerful medium for businesses because mobile devices are powerful themselves. According to Rescue Time’s Screen Stats for 2019, the average person checks their phone around 58 times every day and most people spend more than three hours on their mobile devices a day.

For the top 20% of users, this number jumps to four and a half hours a day. This high level of exposure is one of the main reasons why companies should invest in mobile apps. 

Different types of content hold different benefits as well. For instance, the use of videos and still images has different levels of impact and they both are appropriate in certain settings.

Videos, in particular, are often overlooked in apps even though that can have a significant and positive impact. Videos hold a lot of potential and when they’re used effectively, they can maximize usability and popularity of company’s app 

1. It Signifies Quality

An application has to run well and quickly to play a video.So if your app has one, it’s a good sign to users. However, this also means that you have to make sure  that your app is able to run video fast.

Low resolution or extensive buffering will ruin the point entirely. It’s also important that your app is well developed from the beginning.

This is why many SMEs choose to work with a react native development company because if users have an initial bad experience with your app thanks to long load times or broken videos, they’ll rate it poorly which has a lasting negative effect. 

2. It Gives Some Personality

The personality and values behind a company are becoming more important as time goes on. Since people are paying more attention to these qualities, it can go a long way to add videos to an app introducing the company and who works within it.

Even in a marketing or promotional format, a video can be a more casual and conversational way to introduce products or services. This can be a very effective tool in sales. 

3. Videos Are a Growing Trend

Videos Are a Growing Trend

When it comes to mobile devices, videos have been and are continuing to grow in popularity. According to Animoto’s 2015 Video Marketing Cheat Sheet, four times as many consumers prefer watching a video rather than reading about a product.

In fact, they also note that one in four customers will lose interest when a company doesn’t have video content. Numbers like these are signs that the use of video isn’t a passing fad either. Rather, they show that it’s a consistent trend that businesses need to jump on or get left behind.

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4. Videos Are Easy to Consume

Whether you see it as neutral or bad, it’s a fact that not everyone has the attention span or interest to read through pages of text. Videos, on the other hand, are easily consumed. They can be turned on and watched with little effort from the user.

Since technology is viewed as something that’s supposed to add convenience to everyday life, this ease is very much appreciated in a mobile app.

5. They Retain Attention

Videos are, by definition, eye-catching. This is the same concept behind video advertisements – if something seems interesting, a viewer will continue to watch it. It also makes concepts  more realistic.

Looking at a picture of a product has less of an effect than seeing that product in use. This is why infomercial-style ads came to popularity. They showed what a product was, what it could do, and someone using it with the goal of not only introducing the item but showing that it works too. 

These are all good reasons to add videos to your app and there are many more. As a company, developing an app can significantly help increase your profit margin.

To do this, it has to be well-made and cutting edge. Using informative videos is a great way to set your app apart.

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