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Salesforce Lightning – What it Means for Businesses

Salesforce Lightning

To fulfill the growing demand, businesses are striving to figure out new ways to deliver better, faster, and more connected apps. Salesforce’s UI service Lightning platform provides businesses with all the tools they require to deliver modern apps.

Besides a faster and great user experience on any screen, Lightning provides a new continuum of app delivery, which helps admins and developers to collaborate with each other. The platform allows the designing of apps that can work uniquely on different platforms that too from one place. While retaining the flexibility to extend them with custom-coded components.  

Influenced primarily by the advent of mobiles, Salesforce lightning is the new interface that provides a host of functionality improvements that aren’t available in Classic.

In fact, the Salesforce Lightning application builder allows you to develop an application without bothering about the coding part. All you need to do is drop and drag a few things here and there, and you will have a working application in no time. 

Let’s dive a bit deeper into the world of lightning apps and how they are built:

Lightning experience transition assistant:

Before we set out on the Lightening experience journey, it’s prudent to check out for speed bumps and the role of Lightening experience transition assistant, Lightning Readiness report, and similar other tools.

The Lightning Readiness report provides detailed information for planning your migration, identifies items to be addressed along the way. Find buttons (JavaScript) to be replaced, update Visualforce pages, and a set of tools for making changes automatically.

Apart from this, the readiness report will also help complete many of the transition tasks required to make a transition to Lightning Experience while taking advantage of the latest features. 

Creating Functional & Powerful Pages: 

As compared to the classic version, pages are more dynamic and powerful using Lightning Apps. The Lightning experience offers numerous approaches to configure your pages and feature the most important data about your application.

In fact, the presence of these functional pages will make a lot of things easier. For instance:

  • Can customize the homepage as per your specific requirements.
  • You can make use of the layout with the help of a feature named Record highlights. 
  • You will have the ability to hide or show certain components due to access to custom visibility. 
  • The activity component allows you to create an event or a task and place them in different places (centre or front) for users. 

Lightning Reports and Dashboards:

The lightning version provides an important feature i.e. report generation that presents a report builder that creates various aspects of report thereby making it easy for you. The report builder feature allows the user to summarize the data on the top and make them expediently switch on and off the display for features like details and totals.

Apart from this, you will have access to a real-time dashboard that automatically refreshes and displays real-time business insights. With all business deals summarized, you will be able to make smart business decisions. 

Expanding and Building Customized components with App Exchange: 

Apart from the components offered by Salesforce along with lightning experience, you have the option to add more components to your pages by leveraging AppExchange, which provides businesses with a platform for connecting with customers. 

Here are some features that could be introduced in your lightning app:

  • World Clock: This component is useful for organizations that have global operations as it shows the local time basis the city and country, on client record pages.
  • Lightning Carousel and Banner: This component allows businesses to highlight information important to their users.
  • CMTD Enhanced Related List: By using this component, you can add some extra power to your page layouts. 

Quick Wrap-up: 

The Salesforce lightning experience allows everyone in the organization to modify the pages using lightning components and migrate them to pin up the applications. Anyone including a non-coder can use Salesforce lightning due to its responsiveness and dynamic user interface.

The Salesforce lightning experience can be leveraged by both new, as well as existing users. Users have the option to switch back to the classic version in the event when certain features are not available in the lightning experience.

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