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SnapDownloader: Why it is one of the Best Video Downloader


Are you looking for the right video downloader to download videos and mp3 files from different platforms? Then, we are here once again with the best video downloader for Windows and Mac. 

Let’s introduce “SnapDownloader”

SnapDownloader is one of the best video downloaders in 2020 that offers its service to thousands of users. Don’t worry; you can also avail its service for free. We are sure you also love this software.

So in this article, we will explain the reasons why SnapDownloader is one of the best Video Downloader for windows & mac.

Why SnapDownloader is the best video downloader for Windows & Mac?

What more we need if we are getting instant solutions for our queries? Also, if we compare this software’s plans, then it is much cheaper than other video downloaders. Now, let us explore its features and functions, which makes it the best video downloader.

1) 900+ websites supported

We are sure you have never tried 200+ websites to stream only videos, right. But Snapdownloader has collaborated with 900+ websites to download videos from them.

All the biggest video streaming websites like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, and Tiktok are supported in SnapDownloader.

2) Youtube playlist and channel downloader

We are more attracted to Youtube rather than its alternatives. We all watch videos on youtube of favourite YouTubers. To download all the playlist and channel videos, we don’t have to download manually one by one in Snapdownloader.

SnapDownloader allows you to download the whole playlist or channel videos just in one click. We think this feature is quite useful for all Youtube consumers.

3) Supports 8k resolution

There are many alternatives to SnapDownloader in the market, but most of them remain back in terms of resolution. We can say SnapDownloader makes a victory by offering an 8k resolution.

Today in 2020, people have started making 8k videos and which are extremely good to watch. And who doesn’t want to upgrade with the world? So, you must upgrade to SnapDownloader to experience the best video downloading software.

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4) Parallel downloads

You can download multiple videos from multiple sites at the same time in SnapDownloader. Videos you download can be set in the background, and you will get a notification when your download is complete.

Well, this option is also available in its alternatives, but we also count this feature because it is one of the important features that make SnapDownloader the best. 

5) Supports both Windows and Mac

All internet users in 2020 have different platforms in their system. Most people work with Windows and Mac. So, SnapDownloader supports worldwide platforms. You can easily download the SnapDownloader for both Windows and Mac from its official website.

6) Audio Extract

There are many videos which we don’t like the graphics but the audio we love. So, in this situation, we will look for software that can extract audio from video.

SnapDownloader avails us to download the audio extracting from the video file. For me, this option is very useful, and surely you will also love this feature.

7) Proxy and Ip setup

In 1000 websites, there must be some websites that are blocked in your region. So, if you want to use this website, you have to change your proxy. SnapDownloader has an inbuilt feature to use all the blocked sites of your region.

The best thing is that it will automatically set the proxy of that region to use the blocked sites. You don’t have to set anything manually.

8) Fast servers and high downloading speed

Most of the video downloaders offer you all the premium features, but the downloading speed is very poor. SnapDownloader has ultra-high downloading speed; video file downloads in a few seconds. Simply we can say it has one of the fastest and optimized servers in comparison to its alternatives.

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9) Single payment avails you lifetime upgrade

A single payment we have to make to take its subscription. Once we become a customer of SnapDownloader, we will get lifetime updates of this software. It means we don’t have to pay its charges monthly or annually. 

You have to pay $19.99 to take its lifetime subscription, which is much cheaper than other video downloading software.

10) A simple interface and different downloading formats

It is very simple to use this software as it has a quite simple interface that doesn’t need an expert to download the videos. We need to copy the video link and paste it in this software.

After that, we need to choose the right video format and click on proceed, and the video will be downloaded soon. SnapDownloader also offers you different format options like mp3, mp4, QHD, Full HD, 720p, 8k, 4k, 480p, etc.


We have listed the best features of SnapDownloader in this article. There are many other features which we have not listed. If you are not using this software just give a try.

It offers a 24 hours trial period. For lifetime subscription they charge 19.99$ and we think it is worth paying for this premium software. If you are already using SnapDownloader let us know your experience in the comment section

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