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Step By Step Guide On Aircon Servicing

The professional air conditioning service or check-up that costs you a lot of money, but at the beginning and the end of the weather season you can keep the cash in your pocket by simply maintaining yourself.

Follow these steps to maintain coolness throughout the spring and summer. You can easily get your aircon repair here with the help of several steps. 

Step by Step Guide on Aircon Servicing: 

Step 1 – Switch power off: 

Turn off the main power supply into the air conditioning unit and locate the condenser. You can easily locate the condenser by following the manufacturer’s directions.

Step 2 – Clean the condenser fan and the fan engine with oil; 

The condenser fan will likely be dusty, so clean it thoroughly with a brush.  Although a weather service professional may charge you approximately $700 for the condenser to be fixed, you may start with the grill removal and remove the screw holder from the condenser. Then remove the fan, so that the oil parts are available. Lubricate the fan engine with the manufacturer’s necessary fuel.

Step 3 – Clean the coils and fins of the condenser: 

Clean the condenser spools with garden fillers. Remove the coil guard before the inside device is sprayed. It prevents the accumulation of waste that is soaked in water within the fins. Smooth it with a fine bow if the delicate is bent. With the fin comb, you can also purify the fins.

Step 4 – Recycle the coolant: 

You should think about hiring a professional if you need a new coolant. It is important to ensure that no harmful gases are leaking into the atmosphere during the process as long as you can change it yourself.

Clean the filter: remove the box that includes the air filter to clean the filter. Remove the filter from the cloth and clean it.

The filter can then be washed with water and non-abrasive soap. Perform this process every two weeks to increase the air filter’s life. Before it is attached to the unit, make sure it is completely dry.

Step 5 – Purchase a new filter: 

if your filter is dirty, you can buy from a local supplier for about $7 plastic electrostatic mesh filter. Cut a couple of scissors from the new filter. Rinse with clean water, then completely dry out. Then, by slipping it where the older one was, install the filter.

Step 6 – Duct Services: 

Regularly clean air pipes with an aspirate cleaner. This helps to remove waste or dust particles from the ducts.

Step 7 – Conduct routine check-ups: 

Regularly check different parts, including fuses, breakers, and the thermostat. Ensure the heater side of your HVAC is also inspected for optimum performance, and that all connections are in place.


Aircon is an essential tool for every use. In maintaining the optimal temperature in our house, it plays an important role. It helps to make our lives better and easier. You need to have air conditioning to ensure that your air conditioning in your house is efficient.

Aircon Service is done to ensure you still have an energy-efficient air conditioner so that you can save more and more money on a long-term basis.

You can save money to buy other items in your home that you like. To obtain the best air-conditioning service for your air-conditioning at home you must know the step-by-step guide on air-conditioning.

Below is a short guide that will help you to understand the important steps needed to ensure sufficient air-conditioning. Such measures ensure the short-term and long-term performance and quality of your aircraft.

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