4 Technologies That Can Help Tourists Get an Improved Experience

With the advent of new technologies and the rise in tourism, it is no surprise that there are several ways in which technology can improve the tourist experience.

Moreover, a constant increase in international arrivals also nudges tourists to use cutting-edge technologies to get a better experience while traveling.

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the number of international arrivals rose 182% year over year in Q1 2022, from 41 million in Q1 2021 to an estimated 117 million in Q1 2022. 

This figure is an indication that more people are traveling abroad and more people can afford this luxury. In light of this trend, cities need to keep their tourism-focused infrastructure up-to-date. The following four technologies can help tourists have a better experience:

1. Smart Luggage

Smart luggage can transform the travel industry. This technology helps tourists get a better experience by allowing them to track their luggage, manage their belongings, and have access to information about their trip.

According to a report published in Research and Markets, the smart luggage industry was valued at $1.23 billion in 2019 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of over 11% from 2020 to 2026.

It will touch a value of over $2.5 billion by 2026. These figures indicate that more and more people are interested in purchasing this type of product in the near future.

This growth also highlights that travelers are looking for ways to make their experience more enjoyable and convenient, which is why smart luggage is so useful.

Smart luggage allows users to track their bags’ location, keep them safe from theft and damage, and even charge up phones or other devices while on the go.

The luggage itself is equipped with sensors that can detect when the luggage is moving and how fast it’s going. This allows for a more accurate estimate of how long it will take to reach your destination, so you don’t have to wait around at the airport any longer than necessary. 

You can also track your luggage using just your smartphone, which means you’ll never have to worry about losing it or having it stolen.

2. Hotel Casting Solutions

Hotel casting solutions can enhance visitors’ experiences by allowing visitors to use their own devices to play their preferred content on in-room equipment instead of standard hotel entertainment options. 

With this technology, travelers can cast videos from the comfort of their room to the TV in their room. This allows visitors to enjoy content like YouTube videos on a larger screen than they would have access to on their phones or tablets.

The benefit of this technology is that it enables travelers to be more comfortable while they are staying at hotels. Instead of having to watch content on small screens and speakers, they can now watch it on large screens with surround sound systems using their own devices.

A hotel casting solution works by allowing visitors to connect their mobile devices to a hotel’s Wi-Fi network and then cast the content that they want on the hotel’s screens. 

The visitor does not need any additional software on their device, and there is no need for them to download anything extra. They simply have to connect their device using the appropriate wireless connection and then start casting from their phone or tablet onto the hotel’s display.

3. Consumer Drones

Drones are a great way to help tourists get an improved experience. Drones are used for many things, including filming, photographing, and mapping. They can be used to capture places that you would not normally have access to see.

Here are three ways that drones can improve tourists’ experiences:

  1. They can give tourists a bird’s-eye view of their surroundings, allowing them to see more of what’s around them at any given moment. 
  2. They allow tourists to take pictures from angles that would be impossible or uncomfortable. This can create memories that last forever.
  3. They help with safety both for the tourists themselves and for others nearby by letting people know what’s happening around them at all times, so no one gets hurt or loses something valuable.

The Business Research Company projects that the global consumer drones market will expand at a compound annual growth rate of 18.1% from $4.85 billion in 2022 to $5.72 billion in 2023.

This means that there is an increasing number of people who are interested in using drones during their travels, and this trend is likely to continue well into the future.

4. Wearable Devices

Tourists are increasingly embracing wearable technology. Tourists’ experiences can be enhanced in a variety of ways with the help of wearable technology. 

First of all, wearable devices have a wide range of applications that can help tourists get an improved experience.

For example, they can be used to show an accurate map and directions on how to get to a particular destination. It will also provide them with the best route to take and will ensure that they don’t get lost while traveling.

Tourists can also leverage wearable devices for entertainment purposes. Tourists can use wearable devices to listen to music or watch movies while on their trip. This will reduce their boredom during long travels or when they are waiting for something else to happen.

Tourists may also find it useful if they have access to camera functionality in their wearable device so that they can take photos or videos while traveling around different places of interest during their visit. They won’t miss any significant moments when traveling to new locations if they do it this way. 

The market for wearable devices was estimated by Data Bridge Market Research to be worth $116 billion in 2021 and to reach $460.25 billion by 2029. This shows that wearable devices are a big market, which means that more tourists will have access to these products.

In Conclusion

The use of new technologies can make tourists feel more at home, but it also helps them to feel safer and more relaxed. Travellers prefer to enjoy their trip without having to worry about safety or other issues.

The four technologies discussed in this article have the potential to provide a better experience for tourists and make their trips more convenient.

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