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Top 8 Test Maker Software for Teachers in 2021

Test Maker Software

Adjusting to online education during the coronavirus pandemic has been a challenge for everyone involved. 

Many students are having a hard time coping with the “new normal,” while teachers are struggling to deliver the same quality education in virtual classrooms as in traditional ones. 

Fortunately, many tools can help make remote learning more effective. 

Virtual classroom software allows you to connect with your students seamlessly; collaboration tools allow you to get in touch with coworkers easily; scheduling tools allow you to follow your curriculum. 

But the most helpful tools might just be online test makers. 

On average, teachers spend an extra 95 minutes a day grading tests and homework and preparing activities and exams for the following day. Test creators can help cut this time in half, if not more. 

Let’s take a look at the best test generators that’ll ensure your utmost efficiency during remote schooling. 

1. ProProfs Test Maker Software

ProProfs Test Maker Software

ProProfs test maker software is a powerful solution that enables you to create tests and quizzes of any kind in an instant. 

Its intuitive interface makes the software easy to get accustomed to, so even teachers with little to no experience with similar solutions can master it with ease. 

If you’re in a hurry to create a test, you can make use of one of the thousands of pre-made quizzes available in ProProfs’ library. With an array of topics, these tests can be suitable for any class. 

Test creation with this solution is a breeze, as well. You can use dozens of question types, branch out questions, embed media to make the tests more interactive, provide hints, add time limits, and more.

Best of all, ProProfs offers automatic grading that will help you save time and effort and allow you to focus on more critical tasks. 

You’ll receive insightful reports and analytics that’ll tell you everything you need to know about individual and group performance, student progress, test difficulty, and knowledge gaps. 

2. Testmoz 


Testmoz is a popular test generator for K12 settings. It’s simple, user-friendly, and requires no coding knowledge whatsoever. You’ll have your test ready to go in no time. 

It’s packed with useful features that simplify the entire process of test creation. You can easily create multiple question types, include both graded and ungraded questions, randomize answer choices, and more. 

You’ll have a comprehensive overview of everyone who’s taken your tests, see their performance, overall grade, right and wrong answer percentage, and average time. 

Grading is fully automated, so you won’t have to waste a single minute going through individual tests. As needed, you can adjust the scores manually, take away points or add extra credit. 

3. Evalbox 


Evalbox is one of the most straightforward test makers available, ideal for teachers and instructors who are not quite so tech-savvy. 

To make your pop quizzes, tests, or final exams, all you’ll have to do is create a question bank, and Evalbox will take care of it for you. 

The software will select a predetermined number of random questions from your question bank and generate a test for you in less than a second. 

Of course, if Evalbox’s selections don’t meet your needs, you can edit and customize your test before distributing it to your students. 

Although it doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles of advanced online test makers like ProProfs or TestMoz, Evalbox does featu re an excellent cheat prevention system that’s up to par with these sophisticated solutions. 

If any student is behaving irregularly during the testing, you’ll immediately receive a notification so that you can take action. 

4. Top Hat 

Top Hat

Top Hat is a simple test generator that’s free for teachers, instructors, and educators, although students need to pay a small fee to participate in the exams. 

You’ll have access to Top Hat’s question library, so you can create a quiz without wasting much time or effort. If the question banks aren’t to your liking, you can always come up with a unique quiz that meets your criteria. 

Top Hat boasts all the essential features that make it an excellent test creator – automated grading, cheating prevention, advanced scheduling, time limits, and more. 

It’s an excellent solution for private tutors and instructors. 

5. Speed Exam 

Speed Exam

As its name would suggest, Speed Exam enables you to develop full-blown tests and quizzes in an instant. 

Regardless of your class or subject, the test generator will help you assess your students’ knowledge. It’s commonly used for aptitude assessments, corporate testing, training, and educational examinations. 

What sets Speed Exam apart from other test creators is its cheating prevention. If a student minimizes or otherwise resizes the browser, changes tabs, uses copy-paste, opens a new tab, or takes a screenshot, they’ll be immediately kicked out of the exam. 

6. iSpring 


Although most commonly used in corporate training, the iSpring test generator can prove to be quite valuable in schools and educational settings alike. 

The advanced test maker allows you to upload any existing materials you might have – documents, PDFs, images, GIFs, videos, even PowerPoint Presentations. 

What makes it unique is that it boasts a powerful Narration Editor that enables you to upload audio and video files and make your tests even more interactive. 

7. QuizCV 


QuizCV is a powerful assessment tool that’s proven to be the most useful for employee skills assessments in corporate settings. However, its features make it an excellent addition to any school’s learning management system. 

QuizCV covers its bases and offers everything that’s come to be expected of a sophisticated test creator – generate interactive tests and quizzes, embed media, customize the layout, randomize questions, and more. 

As soon as your students are done with their exams, you’ll receive a detailed report on their performance that you can easily export and share. 

8. ClassMarker 


ClassMarker enables you to create customized tests in just a few clicks. You can design every test to be unique, engaging, and just to your liking. 

Add optional hints and feedback your students can rely on during the test, set time limits, enrich your quizzes with interactive media, filter test-takers, and simplify test creation and grading. 

ClassMarker is perfect for remote schooling, corporate training, marketing, even lead generation. It’s easy to use and features virtually no learning curve. 

The Bottom Line 

Using the right test maker can help you save time and effort on test creation and grading. With advanced tools like ProProfs, ClassMarker, or iSpring, you’ll start enjoying the process of test making. 

Most of these online test makers have a free version or at least a free trial, so make sure to check them out and find a solution that fits your needs best. 

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