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4 Things to Consider Before Investing in an IBM POWER Server


Your business is your baby. That said, whether it’s office space to computing servers, you’ll want to invest in the best of the best. As processing workloads become exponentially more demanding, splurging on top-notch technologies for your business needs becomes increasingly tempting. 

Among such shiny potential purchases is the often-talked-about IBM POWER server. IBM POWER Systems is a family of accelerated computing servers, and the high-performance computing potential is enough to make any techie swoon.

Still, whether or not an IBM POWER server is the best server choice for everyone is up for debate. Before you make the leap, you’ll want to entertain these four critical considerations: 

Your operating system must be compatible with the server. 

IBM POWER’s multiple glowing attributes won’t do much for you if the operating system you use is not compatible with the server model. While IBM boasts flexible and open operating system compatibility, like Linux on IBM POWER systems, not all systems will integrate flawlessly. A tour of IBM POWER’s website will fill you in on whether or not your operating system and IBM POWER are the ideal pair. 

You’ll want your server’s capabilities to align with your business goals. 

Investing in the right server is all about selecting a model that can provide your business with the capabilities that you value most. Getting your priorities straight is a critical step when considering whether or not the investment makes sense for your business.

IBM POWER processors are built for high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, and modern analytics. Their superior memory bandwidth and increased security elicit appeal, but you might not need it all. 

Suppose artificial intelligence capabilities, cloud infrastructure, or machine learning are vital to the growth of your business. In that case, an IBM POWER server may be worth the investment. However, if you’re hoping to adopt a no-frills, minimalist approach in your business expenses, a less pricey server could be your perfect match. 

The server you choose will have to grow with your business. 

Before you make your purchase, you’ll want to ensure that the model you choose will grow with your evolving business. Mapping the trajectory of your company can help you hone in on your future needs.

While you may not need a server with advanced capabilities in your business’s earliest development stages, you won’t want to be left with a server that’s not equipped to deal with more complex workloads 5-10 years from now. 

The server you choose needs to fit into your budget. 

IBM POWER is a premium server, and this premium product comes with a cost. Small businesses, new businesses, and startups can fall prey to over-investing in technology that’s just too big for their britches, and costly server purchases are no exception.

A realistic analysis of your needs and spending capabilities is critical to ensuring that the server you get your hands on won’t strain your business bank account. 

The bottom line 

A thorough research session on cheaper alternatives may be in order if IBM’s price tag makes you nervous. That said, if IBM POWER makes sense for your business’s needs and budget, then more power to you. 

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