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Things You Should Never Do On Social Media

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Whether you’re a brand trying to get the most out of Instagram or an individual trying to share your artwork with the masses, social media can be a hugely powerful and beneficial promotional tool.

We have seen numerous success stories, with the birth of the influencer alongside big companies coming up with several successful PR campaigns in recent times. 

Not everyone is using social media correctly, though. In fact, we have seen numerous examples in the past where brands have either completely misjudged their audience, or popular influencers have alienated themselves from their community of followers. All it takes is a poorly worded post, an ill-informed opinion, or an unoriginal PR campaign, and people will follow another profile. 

There are an array of brands on social media that do it correctly, though. Whether it is Coors Light and its successful #CouldUseABeer campaign, casino brands promoting appealing games like Mega Moolah at by simply highlighting the jackpot size, or Starbucks and its hugely powerful #WhatsYourName campaign, social media, if done correctly, can elevate a brand or an individual up a level or two and attract a whole new audience in the process. 

It certainly pays to take note of the things you most definitely shouldn’t do on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, though. So, with that in mind, here is a look at some of the things you should never do on social media. 

Not being up-to-date with current trends 

Nobody wants to sound like a social media version of an embarrassing dad in front of his children’s friends, so always make sure you stay in the loop with the latest trends and potentially tailor your content around them. It could be a hashtag challenge, a popular dance at the moment, or the latest fashion trend. If you’re out of the loop, your followers will pick up on it. 

Complaining about a specific person 

Some people use social media as a diary, essentially venting whenever they get the chance. That is all well and good if you’re not attempting to grow a following online, but if you are, then it certainly pays to avoid any online confrontation. Never air your dirty laundry in public. If you do encounter any issues online, take it up with the individual privately or – better still – in the real world. 

Sharing a picture without permission 

A common mistake by many, sharing certain pictures online requires permission from the individual in question or the brand who is behind the image. Always credit an image and seek permission if you can too. 

Abusing someone online 

This sounds obvious, but you’d be amazed at how many people lose their cool online and get caught up in heated Twitter exchanges. If you’re an individual not aiming to grow a following, then you’ll do yourself little harm.

Still, for brands seeking to reach larger audiences or aspiring influencers keen to attract some brand deals, you should always remain professional and refrain from getting involved in any online spats. It could land you in serious trouble and ultimately hinder your future online. 

Abusing someone online

Making sexual references 

Remember that you are in a public forum consisting of people with differing views and opinions. With that in mind, always avoid sharing inappropriate jokes or any crude stories. Chances are, the content of that type will offend someone out there. Always remain professional. 


Swearing online is common, but it doesn’t always bode well. Brands never do it, although the odd influencer might. To avoid upsetting anyone, it is advised to steer clear of any profanities online. The majority of people don’t appreciate it.

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