Tips to Create Creative and Engaging Videos to Promote Your Business: Here are Some Helpful Tips

Data shows that today’s average consumer spends around 19 hours a week watching videos online, whether via mobile or other devices. This makes video marketing an important part of any advertising campaign, and it can have a high ROI.

But with the mass of visual information available online these days, here are the tips to make sure your videos are the ones that get your business the attention it deserves. 

Man Watching Engaging Videos

It’s All About the First 10 Seconds

Consumers are used to being entertained with exciting storylines and engaging content. If they don’t get it from your video, they’ll quickly click away and look for something better elsewhere. Therefore, invest enough time and effort into planning the beginning of your video, the first 10 seconds especially.

If you’re new at this, watch popular videos and identify what grabs viewers’ attention. You can also use online tools such as video templates to simplify the process and ensure an impressive look from the moment the video starts.

Quality is Key

One way to ensure your video impresses is to prioritize quality:

  • Use quality equipment, such as cameras, to ensure excellent footage. Today’s mobile phones can capture fairly good quality images, but if you can afford professional camera equipment, it’s often worth it. A high-resolution video can show your brand’s focus on professionalism and garner respect from viewers.
  • From actors to backgrounds, don’t settle for mediocre. If your video looks amateur, it could cause viewers to doubt your brand.
  • Paying a copywriter for a script that helps communicate your message well is also money well spent. 

Audio is as Important as the Visuals

Along with quality visual footage, ensure the audio track impresses viewers. Firstly, any sound must be crisp, with no background noises that could distract viewers from grasping your message. 

Also, use background music that creates an appropriate atmosphere for the message you’re trying to communicate. For example, must it make people feel excited about a new product’s launch or spark emotion about the charity project you want them to support?

You can use popular music, but you may have to pay royalties to use copyrighted tracks. An alternative is free or paid-for stock music and sound effects, which you can browse online. 

Find and Use Your USP

Even with a quality promotional video, you still need something that sets it apart from other footage online and prompts action from viewers. Here are some strategies to use:

  • Each video must have something unique about it, whether it’s a catchy song or a funny storyline. If people haven’t seen or heard it before, they’re more likely to share it with others. 
  • Your message should mention your unique selling proposition. If your USP resonates with someone’s needs or values, it will inspire them to support your business rather than another brand. 
  • A USP can be your company’s values or your personal approach to customer service. So, mention values in the video and show your team in the video instead of only your products. 
  • Instead of just mentioning products and prices, capture footage of your company behind the scenes. Customers enjoy knowing more about the brands they support, and it can spark more loyalty to your company. 

Find a Balance Between Interesting and Informative

When deciding on the content, consider whether the video meets all the needs viewers may have. While humor and stunning imagery make it interesting to watch, consumers also want some information about the brand.

Furthermore, you want viewers to act on what they’re seeing, such as placing an order or contacting your office. Make it easy for them to act by displaying contact numbers or website URLs in the video. 

Ask a Question to Prompt Engagement

As mentioned, the goal of promotional footage is to get your audience to take action. End your video with a CTA, such as:

  • Inviting them to place an order.
  • Ask them to share their contact information.
  • Ask a question and invite them to respond in the comments section of your YouTube channel. You can enquire about their experience using the product or what their greatest need is related to your product or service. 

Write Good Titles

When the video is ready, do give it a good title. Whether it will be featured on your website or YouTube, the title must grab attention and make it seem worth clicking on. You can use humour and catchy phrases but also be clear on what the video is about.

Consumers are more likely to play videos when they seem interesting and if they think it will provide them with the information they’re looking for. 

Make Content Mobile Friendly 

Once your video is ready to share, make sure that it displays correctly, no matter what device people use to view it.

If you share it via your website, double-check that your pages are responsive and display correctly on mobile phones and tablets. Also, make promotional videos downloadable so people can easily share them with others.

Final Thoughts

It’s time to brainstorm creative ways to market your brand. Add the right amount of information and share it in a compelling way, and your promotional videos could help you increase your market share this year.

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