Ways to Improve Cell Phone Security

Your cell phone can hold a ton of data for you. From pictures and emails to sensitive data like your banking information, you need to make sure that you follow the right steps to keep hackers away and protect the data that you put inside it.

However, most people have very little, and even no, security on their phones to keep them safe.

There are a few simple tasks that you can do that will help you protect your phone and can keep your phone security as high as possible. Some of the ways that you can help to protect your phone and improve cell phone security include:

1. Lock the Home Screen

Locking your home screen on the phone is one of the first steps that you can use to help keep all of the information on your phone as private as possible, protecting you from unwanted eyes looking through the phone and getting ahold of information that you wish not to share.

When you choose to lock the screen when you aren’t using the phone, it can prevent anyone within reach from getting access to the contents.

You can also consider increasing the length of the password that you have to help make it harder for someone to hack into the phone and gain access to your information.

2. Use Caller Protection Apps

Cell Phone Security

You need to protect yourself from some of the other callers who will try to get your information when they bother you.

There are several apps available, including Firewall and Burner that are able to provide you with some protection against unwanted callers, pesky salespeople, and hackers from having access to your phone.

To start, Burner is going to be a good one because it will keep your private number private by generating new phone numbers that you are able to use as long as you like and then you can burn them or get rid of them.

Firewall will allow all iOS users to send those pesky unwanted calls right to their voicemail without having to hear a single ring.

3. Avoid Charging the Phone in a Public Port

If you are someone who likes to charge your phone in a public charging station such as at a transit station, airport, and shopping center, you have to be aware that doing this can make you more susceptible to a security breach.

This doesn’t just charge the phone, it can also transmit the data. And those outlets can be compromised by a hacker who will get your data.

It is hard to tell if a public port has been compromised or not and often it is going to be safe to assume that all ports are compromised from the beginning.

If you decide to use these ports to charge your phone because they are convenient, you are running the risk of a hacker gaining access to all of your data in no time.

4. Use Two-Factor Authentication

The extra steps that are required on this one can seem tedious, but it is going to be an added layer of protection before a hacker will be able to get into your account.

A common form of two-factor authentication is one that is going to send out a time-sensitive code through text message. The code can only be used one time and when done, you can access the account.

Yes, this is an added step for you to do. But it means that a hacker will have to go through two steps in order to get into the account. This makes it much harder for you to have a breach into the account and keeps people out.

5. Update the Software on Your Phone

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You may avoid all of those notifications for phone updates because they seem annoying. But when you do this, it can cause harm on your phone.

It is best to do all of the necessary updates on your phone to prevent it from being hacked and keep out all of the hackers who learned the drawbacks of the old system.

The longer that you go without updating the software on your phone, the longer your data is at risk for malfunction. And all of these are holes that a hacker is able to get into and have fun with.

6. Encrypted Phones

One thing that you should consider doing to make sure your data on the phone is safe and secure is to consider encrypted phones. You can do this on your traditional smartphone or get one that does the work automatically for you.

With a little bit of work, you will be able to send and receive data without worrying that someone else will intercept it.

With encrypted phones you will be able to send data over to someone else. Only the person with the right key will be able to take the encrypted data and turn it into something they can read and understand.

If someone else grabs the data and doesn’t have the right key, they will get a lot of random letters and numbers that make no sense.

This can make it a lot harder for someone to see what you are sending and can be useful, whether you are doing important messages, sending sensitive information, or if you just don’t want someone else seeing what you search for online.

7. Improving Your Cell Phone Security

There are a number of steps that you should consider doing when it comes to the security of your cell phone. Doing this will ensure that you are not going to have someone take a look at the private data that you have in place and can keep personal and sensitive data away from hackers and others.

When you want to provide the right security to your cell phone, you need to be proactive and make sure that you are prepared each step of the way. Take a look at some of the simple steps above to ensure that you have the best in cell phone security each time.

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