6 Best M4A1-S Skins to Look Out for in CS:GO

The M4A1-S CS:GO skin is based on the real-life American assault rifle widely known as the M16. There are numerous modifications to the actual gun. The M16 is one of the most popular assault rifles, used by police, special operations forces, and the army worldwide.

Currently, there are more than 8 million units of such an arm around the world. It excels in reliability, durability, and design simplicity.

The M16 CS:GO analog, M4A1-S, also stands out for its popularity among proficient as well as unskilled game fans.

Shooter players quite often buy original releases of the virtual assault rifle. Therefore, developers offer various M4A1S skins to CS:GO gamers. The most popular ones will be described below.

Best M4A1-S Skins

This assault rifle excels in an exciting but quite simple design. Its magazine capacity equals 20/80. The weapon fire rate is 600 rounds per minute. Reloading the M4A1-S takes a little more than 3 seconds.

The firing range of the assault rifle in the game reaches 28–30m. In addition, the weapon has a silencer. Such characteristics make this arm convenient for both close and long-range combats against any number of opponents.

1. M4A1-S | Imminent Danger

Developers created this item within the 2021 Vertigo 2 Collection. The rifle stands out for its street-style design. The gun is fully spray painted. Moreover, there is a courageous inscription on the weapon’s body. The lettering spells “DANGER”. Such an inscription surely would intimidate opponents of the rifle’s owners.

2. M4A1-S | Printstream

The item excels in its minimalistic design. The skin’s palette of shades includes mainly white and black colors. Furthermore, the rifle’s design involves various pictograms as well as the lettering “XXXY”.

In addition, the skin has a pearlescent finish. The latter gives a spectacular pearl-like shine depending on light conditions.

3. M4A1-S | Welcome to the Jungle

This skin was added to the game within the Ancient Collection. The design of the assault rifle includes an image of a snake, whose head is directed toward the enemy. Such a print indicates that the item’s owner has an incredibly dangerous weapon in his hands.

4. M4A1-S | Player Two

Anime lovers will surely love this item. The skin’s body is decorated with an angry GIGN figure with a weapon in its hands and a Pop Dog.

Additionally, there are various colorful illustrations as well as inscriptions on the assault rifle. The skin appeared within the Prisma 2 Collection.

5. M4A1-S | Leaded Glass

This version of the assault rifle is quite common. The skin was released within the Spectrum 2 Collection. The item’s design includes orange, yellow, and blue shards on a black background.

Such a pattern makes the weapon incredibly eye-catching. That’s why this arm is extremely popular among CS:GO fans.

6. M4A1-S | Hyper Beast

The skin appeared in April 2015 within the Chroma 2 Collection, so it’s a pretty old item with a breathtaking design. It involves a monster with an open mouth full of sharp fangs.

The color palette includes red, orange, blue, as well as green shades. Due to such a design, the weapon is one of the most exciting on the list.

Where to Buy M4A1-S

Experts recommend purchasing the mentioned weapon skins on reputable marketplaces. Such platforms usually offer their customers:

  • Weapons in various exteriors (Factory New, Minimal Wear, Field-Tested, Well-Worn, and Battle-Scarred);
  • Filters to sort items by collection, novelty, etc.;
  • Search bars to find a skin by its name;
  • Detailed descriptions and high-quality images of items;
  • Great deals on proposed weapons;
  • Numerous payment methods.

In addition, authoritative marketplaces guarantee the complete safety of personal customer information and some suggest prepayment methods.

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