Experts Global- A Fantastic Option For GMAT Online Preparation

A good GMAT score is very important to secure a seat in a premier MBA program. Many people take up the help of a prep program, in order to do so.

As is the case with other competitive examinations. GMAT also has a number of programs that promise to help aspirants in cracking it. If you plan on taking up the guidance then do your due diligence to make sure that it is a reliable program.

GMAT preparation is a serious investment of time and effort and cannot be taken up lightly. One, truly excellent, program is Experts Global’s Online GMAT Preparation program. Experts’ Global is an EdTech firm, founded by Mr. Mayank Srivastava.

The most prominent part of Expert Global’s study material is its concept videos. Experts’ Global tackles the GMAT syllabus by first breaking it up into 100+small pieces, each with a corresponding video. Only one concept is covered per video so that they are easier to absorb.

Experts’ Global also has video explanations for each question on their practice material. These detailed explanations have been a great help in both improving students’ accuracy and speed. Here are some of the best features of Experts Global’s GMAT Prep.

Experts Global’s GMAT Prep Features

1. GMAT Accuracy

One of the best advantages of Experts’ Global’s GMAT Prep is just how well its practice material represents the real GMAT. Experts’ Global has upwards of 4000 practice questions, all of which are perfectly in sync with the GMAT’s, in terms of concepts covered, difficulty level, and style of presentation.

The tests and exercises are all hosted on a very GMAT-like screen, one that has the same layout, graphics, controls etc., as the real GMAT’s. More importantly, however, Experts’ Global has managed to closely approximate the GMAT scoring system, as well.

Experts’ Global’s students have consistently pointed out that their scores on the Experts’ Global mock tests have matched up with their scores on the official mock tests and even their real GMAT scores. 

2. Number and Quality of Mock Tests

Experts’ Global’s mock test series is truly excellent. It has 15 mock tests, more than twice what most another such series offer. Because Experts’ Global’s approach to GMAT prep involves frequent test-taking, in order to build stamina.

It also helps a lot in keeping track of your progress Experts’ Global has a free GMAT mock test, on their website that you can check out.

3. Weakness Diagnosis and Performance Analysis

All of Experts’ Global’s practice material comes with a highly accurate and powerful performance analysis system.

It closely analyzes every mock that you give, to give you a detailed breakdown that covers what your strongest and weakest areas are, how much time you took on each section, how long you took on the average question, etc.

You can also use it to take a look at your performance across several of your latest mocks, in order to pinpoint your exact weak and strong areas. This type of automatic analysis system is far more accurate and convenient than manually analyzing one’s performance. 

4. Extra Features

Experts’ Global also offers a number of useful features, that make GMAT prep go a lot smoother. These include the “flag” button, a feature that lets you mark the questions that you think are especially important, so that you can then return to them later, with ease.

Another useful feature is the “sticky notes”, small coloured pop-up screens that can be used to make revision notes and then stuck to your “wall”.

Experts’ Global’s online GMAT prep program has proven to be very well structured and well-paced. It has excellent study material, practice material, a great portal, and many useful additional features. 

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