The Game-Changing Technology Behind a Live Dealer Online Casino

Live casinos are generally new in the online gambling market, but they’ve gained traction at a tremendous rate. They deliver the type of action that a traditional casino offers gamblers, but at the convenience of your home.

According to seasoned gamblers in the online betting market, live casinos give players a better payback percentage than other options.

Some players might believe that only slots offer a good RTP, but statistics show that live casinos have the same payback percentages as physical casinos. 

For more information, you can read the everything guide on a live dealer blackjack, before playing and comparing it with a traditional blackjack game.

Group of People Playing Online Casino

But what’s the technology powering live casinos? Let’s take a look.

Technology Behind a Live Dealer Online Casino

1. Game Control Unit (GCU)

The GCU is key in setting up a live dealer casino system. This device helps to encode gaming information and provides virtual support to dealers for the game to run smoothly.

A casino’s game control unit’s strength affects the gaming experience. You can loot at the GCU like a mobile phone. A Low spec smartphone will hang when trying to access important websites.

Similarly, if the game control unit has low specs, the players will struggle with lagging issues when trying to access the game. That will leave them frustrated and less interested in the game, even when it has a fun theme and top-notch features.

2. Web Cameras

Casino players can see the activities in a live casino thanks to the web cameras strategically placed in the studio to capture the action. These cameras send the players live streams to their screens, whether on PC, smartphone or tablet.

Most casinos use high-resolution cameras connected to a power backup, ensuring they’re always running even after a power outage. These live streams may be recorded depending on the casino terms.

However, most casinos like to keep a record of their live gaming sessions to have some reference when necessary.

3. Streaming software

When the web cameras capture the action, the streaming software will ensure the players get access to the footage in real-time. That’s the software players must launch on the casino site or download software on their devices.

Quality streaming software is essential as players will have a hard time playing the games if there are bugs that are causing slow speeds and lagging issues. Additionally, good streaming software will require less computer or smartphone processing power.

4. Dealer’s monitor

The dealer may have one or several monitors to help him see players’ screens and the moves they’re making. That’s essential as it helps him to guide them accordingly.

Additionally, the dealers need these screens to determine whether the bettors have broken any rules. Some live casinos also have a VR feature that allows them to stream volumetric images of the gambling process.

5. Player’s PC or smartphone

The smartphone and PC is a necessary tool for the player. These devices help the player monitor the game’s progress and place wagers in a live casino. Your device will only need to meet the casino’s minimum requirement.

6. Modern casino wheels

There’s a lot of data flow in a live casino. This data is digitally captured and transmitted to the players without an OCR. This digitization ensures you don’t strain to see the results and instead get that information directly on your computer screen.

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