Here’s Why You Should Switch to Solar Energy

Solar Energy

In Indian households, power shortage is a common phenomenon as there is a lack of proper grid infrastructure. With more than 1.3 billion civilians, India may need a comprehensive overhaul for meeting its ever-increasing electricity demands.

Especially in rural areas, people rely mostly on the power provided by their state governments. In such cases, people suffer from a severe power outage.

This has eventually made people turn to diesel-powered generators to meet their electricity demands. Though, it may not be feasible in the long run for all. This is why, looking for reliable alternatives is essential. 

Solar power offers an advantage over other power backup solutions. Not only does it provide constant power, but it also does not drain a household financially.

A rooftop solar panel system is used to generate electricity using solar energy for home consumption. There are reliable brands like Luminous that offer a complete range of solar solutions to help you generate your own power at home.

Going solar can help achieve sustainability and reduce dependability on fossil fuels for your power requirements. Along with that, investing in a smart solution like rooftop solar panels reduces your power backup costs. 

Switching to Solar Energy Can Be Your Big Step

1. Contribution to Sustainable Environment

Solar energy is a clean source which is essential for environmental sustainability. It also helps decrease the overall carbon footprint on the planet. Solar energy is a self-sufficient source.

Therefore, installing rooftop solar panels at home creates a secure and safe path for contributing to a sustainable future.

2. Reduced Electricity Bills

When you install rooftop solar panels at home, electricity produced can be utilized for various purposes like running appliances and equipment.

If in case any surplus electricity is created, it can be fed back to the mainline or grid with the assistance of a bi-directional meter. This will eventually bring your electricity cost down.

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3. Improved Grid Security

Switching to solar power can reduce the chances of experiencing total power cuts or blackouts. A rooftop solar panel installed at home functions as a small power plant in itself for generating electricity. It, therefore, provides grid security during substantial power shortage or failures.  

4. Decreased Emission of GreenHouse Gases

The electricity produced using combustible fossil fuels releases harmful gases that are responsible for the depletion of the ozone layer.

However, solar energy is a safe, environment-friendly source of energy. It does not release any greenhouse gases. Therefore, it does not have any adverse impact on the environment and helps produce clean electricity.

5. Boost Your Energy Independence with Solar

There is no refuting that solar energy has various benefits over its counterparts. You can boost energy independence from the state electricity supply by merely installing a rooftop solar panel system at home. It produces clean electricity and makes you self-reliant.

Numerous factors must be considered before installing a rooftop solar panel system to fulfil your power requirements. You can consider multiple sizes, location, rooftop area, structure type, electricity requirement, and similar factors.

Choose a Reliable Solar System Partner

Becoming self-reliant is a big step. It would be safe to think of starting your solar journey with reliable companies like Luminous that offer a complete solar solution with quality products. They are committed to delivering an unmatched experience and complete peace of mind for the consumer. 

Their rooftop solar panels use PID resistance technology and provide severe weather resilience to make them long-lasting.

The rooftop solar panel is also equipped with advanced EVA encapsulation for its extensive application. Luminous assures you of a transparent solar journey by systematically managing every step.

Choose your solar system partner after considering everything as it will last for a long time. 

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