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Top 10 management tools for remote teams setting up businesses

One of the biggest challenges regarding remote or flex workers is monitoring their work and productivity. But with the emergence of time and project management tools, it has become a lot more expedient. Let’s discuss which tools are best for this purpose. In addition to that, communication tools are needed for further convenience so they will be discussed too.

1) Asana

Who hasn’t heard of it? This is one of the best available solutions to manage projects. Its features are extremely easy to use and truly a productivity booster. You can develop your to-do lists and set them with reminders for due dates. Instructions and comments can always be added to the tasks.

You can import images from other Softwares to Asana in an easy manner. You can draft a list for teams or individual members as well. Mostly remote teams face trouble with organizing, and it will help you fix that. 

2) Basecamp

It’s one of the most popular apps holding the oldest presence in the market. It has maintained its prestige for years on the top. Much needed software for large businesses or projects. An updated version of the software offers many latest and diverse features. You can send messages through it and fix a schedule that you only get notified within your work hours.

Your files, tasks, chats all are saved within one place. You can get hands-on your reports and can get feedback through this tool conveniently from your customers or collaborators. Freelancers can take the utmost benefits and advantages from this app.

3) Trello

Another efficient and reliable software where you can track your work in progress. You can create boards and add cards or checklists with to-do lists. That can be furthered with doing and done lists for completed tasks. It allows you to add labels and tags for every task according to its nature.

Not only that google docs can be added as attachments into it. Its a user-friendly app with easy to use features. Globally scattered teams can be coordinated with each other through that. 

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4) Mattermost

A communication tool for business setups. There is an option to set up channels according to a purpose or start a direct message with certain individuals in an organization or your team members. You can attach files or documents in your messages. It can be downloaded in mobile phones so it can prove convenient for remote work as well.

5) Stafftimer

It’s a time tracking app with features perfectly fit for both full-time work setup and remote businesses. Anyone with nationwide or global offices or individual remote employees can take advantage of this user-friendly and cost-effective solution. Its real-time monitoring and task assignment via voice clips are features ideally suitable for remote businesses. 

With voice clips, a remote employee can be assigned tasks with exact expectations defined rather than writing lengthy write-ups in the form of emails. Feedback can be given in a similar manner. And real-time monitoring makes live monitoring of employees’ screens just like he is sitting before you. 

6) Evernote

This app serves as a professional notebook to streamline work processes. Your projects and ideas are secured in the form of notebooks, checklists, or to-do lists, etc. If you feel difficult to manage tasks, projects, or notes are handled in a convenient manner. It doesn’t only save texts but also video and audio files, PDF, etc. 

It’s a cloud-based software so everything is saved with it like it’s your personal assistant or companion. 

7) GatekeeperHQ

Contract Management is an underrated yet very crucial business operation. Studies have found that over 9% of a company’s annual revenue could be lost due to mismanagement of contracts. Contract metadata is an enormous amount of information and relying on staff to handle it with a simple spreadsheet would certainly bring a lot of trouble. GatekeeperHQ’s Contract Software System provides key features that will make contract management more efficient while ensuring that you eliminate all the redundant steps. 

8) ProofHub

It’s a popular app used by reputed organizations like Nasa, Disney, and many others. This ultra-efficient software combines and integrates many features that require multiple tools to carry things smartly. Therefore pressures and stress induced by concern for managing them are reduced. It’s available on mobile devices as well. 

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9) Slack

Slack is another reliable communication tool that offers to bring entire teams at one place to speed up the work processes and productivity levels. It offers numerous integrations and offers shared channels for streamlining information. Remote teams can use it to feel connected and aligned with their goals. 

10) Instapaper

If a freelancer happens to be a digital nomad as well. It’s highly likely he won’t have access to the network always to read and research for his assigned work. Instapaper will let lengthy reads saved for a time later. You can gather all your desired readings in one app and stay trouble-free on how to read them while travelling? It’s like your personal digital diary. 

Bottom line is, these apps are there to offer solutions tailored for your needs to run a remote business or establish a transnational base for your existing domains. Not only these are an ideal fit for full-time employees but more so for remote work as there is no alternative.

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